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HOLLYWIRE chatted with James Maslow on the 2018 Wango Tango Blue Carpet. The singer/songwriter dishes on flirting over text, workout tips and new music! One of the most fit people HOLLYWIRE knows, we had James Maslow let us in on a few fitness tips! So what did he say? Firstly, we all have to drink more water. James says that drinking more water gives you more energy, helps you feel better, and improves your workouts! What else? Diet! If we want that eight pack we need to improve our diet! Possibly cut your carbs for a few weeks but most importantly, eat lean!

We also talked with James Maslow about his newest song, “All Day.” We’ve seen that Maslow has occasionally been putting out music for the last couple of years. We’ve watched him write, create, and produce as he’s grown into himself and found out exactly what he’s meant to do. Maslow says that, “‘All Day’ is the first real push of, let’s call it, Chapter Two.” He says that this new single is where he’s finally found his sound.

But that’s not all. What does Maslow have to say about flirting over text? Well he says, “it’s very millennial, we all have to do it!” Maslow remarks that his song describes how he understands that flirting over text is a must this day and age, but he’d much rather flirt in person.

Not only did Maslow teach us about health and fitness but we also learned some lessons in love too!

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