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Jesse McCartney stopped by the HOLLYWIRE Studio and opens up about being TERRIFIED of performing in front of Obama. He also shared things that make him better, in celebration of his new single “Better With You.”

Jesse McCartney’s first performance was a community production at just seven years old. However, his first paycheck was at nine years old with a broadway production of The King and I. So clearly, he’s been in the business for a while! But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still things that terrify him! His biggest fear was performing for President Obama! He said, “Everybody that you see on television that is running the free world is sitting in front of you. I just remember those first few bars of singing being kind of shaky. I just had to shake it off. I just kind of looked up at the ceiling and didn’t look at him. I couldn’t make eye contact because he was looking right at me. It was just an intimidating thing!”

We know that sometimes growing up being a child star is rough, however Jesse McCartney still has a good head on his shoulders. Jesse says, “there are kids who grow up and can’t handle [fame] and kind of fall off the rails. But then there’s also a lot of young, successful artists who want to grow up in the industry [and] naturally want to grow up into successful adult artists and want to be taken seriously.” Of course Jesse is one of those successful artists.

Jesse’s new song is called, “Better With You.” So we had to ask him what are some things that make him better! But you’ll just have to watch to see!

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