Jojo Siwa opens up about wearing her hair down as well as giving us details about her “High Top Shoes” music video!

Every time we see Jojo it seems she’s getting taller. Funny enough she’s actually taller than our HOLLYWIRE Host, Diana Espir! With her 16th birthday around the corner, we had to know what Jojo Siwa’s dream car is! She told us that her dream car is a Tesla with winged doors, wrapped in rainbow sparkles, with a giant, retractable, silver, unicorn horn! What a car! We’ve never seen anything like it so obviously Jojo is going to have it custom made! Is Jojo’s dream car going to have her signature bow anywhere? “I mean, it might,” Siwa replied.

We also needed to know the details about her music video for “High Top Shoes!” Jojo says, “I got to do it with some of my very best friends. I got to do it with Colleen Ballinger, she plaid Miranda Sings in the video. Kyler, Madison, and Tatman Oakley who are my really good friends.”

Of course, Jojo Siwa was wearing her high tops as we spoke to her. These ones were blue and insanely sparkly! But who is celebrity that Siwa thinks needs a good pair of high tops? “Probably Meghan Trainor,” she responds.

Lastly we had to talk about Jojo Siwa’s newest Instagram story with her hair down. This is definitely not something she usually does! She replies, “I hated it.” But she continues, “You’ll see my hair down eventually. You have to see my new video with Miranda Sings. She took my hair down.” So we concluded that the bow must be here to stay. Jojo says that she doesn’t want it to be a huge deal when she finally takes her bow out. However, she says her mom told her, “You’ve been wearing that thing for 15 years. It’s going to be a big deal when you take it out.”

Maybe someday we’ll see her reveal those long locks!

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