Kira Kosarin is in the Hollywire studio! We play a hilarious game of Hollywords and find out that she prefers sneakers over heels, private jets over yachts, and her biggest pet peeve! Her song “Vinyl” was written when she was 17 years old! She never thought she would put it out but she did. Be sure to check out her music video too! “Love You Like You Hate Me” was written at home while hanging out, listening to H.E.R. “Take This Outside” is her album’s, Off Brand, banger! She wants people to feel great about themselves when listening to it and have a great time.
Kira Kosarin, a super talented singer, actress also plays Phoebe Thunderman from the Nickelodeon series The Thundermans. Kira Kosarin also keeps a youtube channel where she covers songs and makes music, how cool! With multiple ingles like Spy and love you like you hate me out, it’s no surprise she is realeasing more new music soon on top of a new tour called Off Brand! Kira Kosarin is also starring in the movie Light as A Feather where she plays the character Nadia.

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