Liza Koshy first started her career on as a video maker on Youtube. She is also is an actress, television host, and interviewer. Most importantly, the comedian recently got to interview President Barrack Obama.  Lucky enough we got to hear all about it first hand from Liza Koshy on the MTV Movie Awards Carpet. So how did her interview with Obama go down exactly? She says, “It wasn’t scripted. So I had to prepare questions and make sure that they were good to ask my President. It was amazing. He was just a kind person. He was exactly how you would imagine a celebrity coming in and being tall and glowing. He was tall, dark, and handsome. He was amazing. So it was an honor to be able to speak to our President. He will always be my President.”

Although all her videos are not all about humor. Liza Koshy’s latest video has taken the internet by storm. It is one in which her and her long time boyfriend tell their fans why they broke up. However, the video is surprisingly uplifting and heartfelt.

We also had to know, what is the most important thing Liza Koshy has learned from being on Youtube for so long? She opened up about her most important lesson learnt from YouTube saying, “That you are able to do Youtube and also do traditional things in media and balance the two.” Koshy also mentions, “I’m working on uploading more consistently. Sorry!!!” She says that Youtube “is an amazing way to create a path for yourself.”

And what is Liza Koshy’s favorite show? 13 Reasons Why, of course. Lucky for Liza the cast was at the  MTV Movie Awards and she got the chance to meet them!


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