HOLLYWIRE met up with Mike Tyson at his launch of Tyson Ranch. We talked his podcast, favorite stand up bits, CBD, and his newest business venture, Tyson Ranch! The last time HOLLYWIRE saw Mike Tyson was backstage at one of his stand up shows! We had to know, what is his favorite stand up bit he’s performed? He replied, “talking about me and Mitch Green.”

The line has been doing amazing things in the past year. Tyson Ranch has primarily focused on the healing components of CBD and THC. Since we were at his launch for Tyson Ranch, we wanted to find out why he launched it in the first place. Tyson replied, “I wanted to put it together because of the pain that [the fighters] couldn’t get rid of.” This has come to fruition in the past year when the ban on CBD was recently lifted. This was when the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from their list of banned substances. Prior, cannabidiol also known as CBD was prohibited both in and out of competition. However, the ban was lifted when it was discovered that CBD didn’t enhance performance, but rather assist with the healing process after a fight. Now, with this new lift, the benefits of CBD can be properly researched.

We also discussed who Mike Tyson’s podcast, Bite the Mic. Tyson said his favorite person to interview on his podcast was Flavor Flav.

We also played a HOLLYWIRE original game, Fight, Movie, or Marjuana with Tyson! Whether it was Cardi B, Drake, or Donald Trump, Tyson chose to smoke with all of them!

We had so much fun hanging out with Mike Tyson at his launch for Tyson Ranch!

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