Nick Grants most recent mixtape is entitled Dreamin’ Out Loud. We’re especially excited about it’s release since it has been a long time coming. Last summer Grant tweeted his fans,  informing us that unfortunately Dreamin’ Out Loud had to be pushed back as he wanted it to be perfect.

Nonetheless, Grant has always had our support and we patiently waited for the release! Now, we were able to sit down with him at the HOLLYWIRE studio and discuss “The Switch Up,” collaborating with DJ Khaled, as well as challenging the interviewer to a RAP BATTLE! Obviously, Dreamin’ Out Loud was worth the wait! The mix of his lyrics concerning love and hate with the combination of infectious beats is everything we could have hoped for in a mixtape.

Sitting down with us he mentioned that his favorite collaborations on the record are on the songs, “Nicky Bomaye” with DJ Khaled, “The Switch Up” with Yo Gotti, and “Black Woman” with Stacy Barthe. However, his favorite song is “Father Figure” which talks about the ups and downs of his father leaving him and the context of their relationship.

Grant also gives us a behind the scenes look regarding the line in his song, “The Switch Up.” He says that the line “New phone, who dis?” speaks about the changes going on in his life. He says, “the people around me were draining my energy” and that he felt like “he needed a new life.”

We were so excited to have Nick Grant at HOLLYWIRE to discuss his new album, his past, and future aspirations. We can’t wait to see what he does next. In the mean time, we’ll be head bobbing to Dreamin’ Out Loud for a while.

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