Njomza is in the Hollywire studio to chat all about her life and career!!

Before we talk about the stories that she shared at Hollywire, let’s know a bit about her glorious journey so far.

Njomza is youthful and emanates energy and passion. Despite being young, she has lived in many countries. Since she was 5, she has been performing in many talent shows. Her talent had led her to form a band called Scarlett and also, she had got a publishing deal with Skrillex.

After the first release of her mixtape, Gold Lion, she rocked SoundCloud with her singles such as High, Hold on and Talk about it.  

Her year 2018 was remarkable as she lent her voice to the songs such as Me & You, Lonely Nights, Mania Is Temporary, One Foot in The Water and more that featured in her second EP, Vacation.

Njomza at Hollywire

She breakdown the day Ariana Grande bought all her best girlfriends diamond engagement rings! They had an amazing day at Tiffany’s and continued the day into the studio and created the song 7 Rings. We also talk about her relationship with Mac Miller. He was her mentor since she was 17 years old. Njomza was the first artist to release her song Sad For You on Mac Miller’s Independent label, REMember. She learned so much from him and he even helped her write songs like, Sad For You. Njomza says he is the kind of person you just want to be around.

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