We got to chat with Pink Sweat$ at SXSW. And we discuss his music and unique sound. We also discuss his friendship with the Chainsmokers! His song “I Know” cam to be because he loves country music he even worked with Florida Georgia Line! Pink Sweat$tells us how he came up with his name – he was wearing pink sweats and the name popped into his head and stuck! He discovered Johnny Orlando and decided he should work with him.
Rising indie-R&B Artist Pink Sweat$ is a 26-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer. The Philadelphia native is now based in New York. He looks up to Michael Jackson, Prince and Kanye West. His new album Volume 1 has racked up tens of millions of streams because his music is refreshing and different. “I’m not trying to be different — I am different,” Pink Sweat$ says to Rolling Stone. The music video for his song ‘I know” came out on March 4th and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen! It gives us major Walking Dead vibes.

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