Plested is in the Hollywire studio! We play a fun game of Hollywords with him and find out his celebrity crush is Ariana Grande! We also find out his favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio and he has been starstruck by Nial Rodgers. Plested has amazing vlogs about each city he’s traveled to. Be sure to check them out! “First and Foremost” is his first EP he has put out with loads of songs about love and life. His songs are about his own experiences but not too specifically – he likes for all people to be able to relate to them. The best feeling is when fans know his songs and sing them with him while he performs.
Plested’s full name is Philip Plested. He is a singer-songwriter from the UK and is currently based in London. He written songs for celebrities such Little Mix, Zayn Malik, Emeli Sandé and James Morrison. Some of his standout hits include Your Name, Habits, First Time, Easier Said Than Done, and Home By Now.

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