Hollywire welcomes the sparkling personality, Rachel Crow to talk about intriguing stuff about her life and career.  Here is what we would love to introduce her like on Hollywire –

Nobody can ever elude the bold initiatives Rachel Crow has taken in her career. She is never afraid of taking risks, transforming her failures into opportunities, and moving forward – and that is how she’s attracted fame and success. Right from her journey at The X Factor, she has been a “fan favorite”. We have seen Rachel Crow giving her ‘all’ in every performance of hers – and her fans just can’t help getting immersed in her high-spirited singing.

Crow made her mark in small-screen front by appearing on a number of Nickelodeon programs and many more. But she also didn’t shy away spreading her wings to the big screen as well. Voicing a character in “Rio 2” and singing “Batucada Familia” alongside other singers, she really shone through just at the age of 16.

Back in September 2017, she was selected as Elvis Duran‘s Artist of the Month.

Rachel Crow at Hollywire

The extremely talented Rachel Crow stopped by the studio to tell us all about her new single, ‘Up All Night’. We played Hollywords with Rachel and she told us about the last text she sent, her ultimate celeb crush, and her fave snapchat filter! Rachel explained the meaning behind ‘Up All Night’ and the relationship that inspired her to write it. We also got to hear a bit about her experience performing at the White House!

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