Romeo Miller chatted up HOLLYWIRE about Riverdale love triangles, Famous in Love, fashion and more at the MTV Movie Awards! Romeo Miller said that he feels honored to be in a show that is nominated for an MTV Movie Award. He says, “Being here with people you actually look up to and admire [is] the best feeling in the world. The MTV Movie Awards [is] one of the best award shows out there.”

However, at HOLLYWIRE we have our own Movie and TV Awards. Romeo Miller would be the host and award giver! The first category is “The Most Dysfunctional Relationship in TV or a Film.” Miller answered, “I’d probably have to give it to one of the kids on Riverdale. The Veronica relationship on there is kind of ‘iffy.’ Mind controlling this guy, fighting for his love, and he’s going against his own family. Riverdale got some messed up relationships.”

The second category is “The Saddest Scene on TV or Film.” Miller replies, “When I thought the Prince of Wakanda died in Black Panther. He came back baby, and saved the day!”

What about “Best Fashion Moment in TV or Film?” Romeo confessed that the Best Fashion Moment “would have to be Pablo Money in ‘Famous in Love.’ My character Pablo Money has some amazing fashion moments. That’s all I have to say.”

The last category for HOLLYWIRE’s Movie and TV Awards is “Best Friendship.” Romeo Miller says that, “I gotta take this back to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Carlton days.”

We previously talked about how well dressed Romeo Miller is. So we had to know, how much time does it take for him to get ready? The answer? 47 whole minutes! Just kidding… It was only 10!

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