Sabrina Carpenter teaches HOLLYWIRE some of her choreography moves as she premieres “Almost Love” at Wango Tango! While we can’t keep up with her we were so excited to see a breakdown of her classic moves! Carpenter also talks her new song “Almost Love” and how the audience reacted. She says, “I
felt really good, and I think that’s most important but the reacrtion that I got from the crowd was very special.”

Carpenter also responds to the fact that she deleted most of her Instagram photos prior to promoting her new song. Sabrina says, “well the nice thing about Instagram and technology is that you can archive posts. So I don’t want to give anything away…” But that’s what she did! She says, “But yeah, I’m gonna give it away!”

She also talks about her “nerdy” visor she was wearing in her latest Instagram post with a caption that said, “Stay protected.” We wanted to know more about this trendy, yellow visor. She says, “I was feeling some type of way that day.” When asked if she really wears it, Sabrina responded, “I do in the sun! I have baby, pale skin so I have to protect that skin!”

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