Shannon Purser, star of “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser,” rates her co-star Noah Centineo’s kiss an 11 out of 10! The connection with Noah was so real!! They shot the whole movie in 21 days. Noah drove her and Kristine Froseth home from set and they would blast music in the car. Shannon is convinced that her character ‘Barb’ form “Stranger Things” is dead! Barb was a fan favorite. She also is ‘Ethel’ on “Riverdale.” She was nervous to throw the milkshake on ‘Veronica Lodge’ played by Camila Mendes. She only had one take to throw the milkshake on ‘Veronica.’ She loves being on the set with the cast of “Riverdale.” She feels most similar to ‘Sierra’ but connected with ‘Barb’ on a spiritual level.

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