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We caught up with living legend Shaquille O’Neil. The superstar athlete discusses his DJ career as well as his NBA Award Predictions!

Earlier we talked to Shareef O’Neal, Shaq’s son at the NBA Award Predictions. Shareef said, “There’s actually a room in his house that has all his rookie cards. They’re actually in a box, so I know they’re pretty rare. They would probably go for a lot.”

Shaq responded, “I got them at the house. I collected them. I got a lot of stuff.” Shareef cracked a smile and says, “I don’t know what they’re for. They’re just there. He just has them.”

At the NBA Awards we needed to talk about just that, awards! So what does an NBA Award mean to Shaq? “It means that you’re a bad mofo.”
He continues, “When I was in [the NBA] I had to wait my turn [for an award.]” This is because Shaq was playing at the same time as some of the greats. This list includes Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. He says, “But after those guys left, I said ‘The league belongs to me and I wanna get all their awards.'”

We also wanted to ask Shaq what his favorite dunk was. He says, “any dunk I had on Sean Bradley.” But some in particular stood out to HOLLYWIRE! All of the times he broke the backboard!

But that was the past, today Shaq is DJing! He is actually going on tour this summer and doing a show with Diplo in Miami! His set ranges from trap to dub-step and all in between. But you’ll just have to go see him play to find out!

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