Ross Lynch and Rocky Lynch from The Driver Era stop by the HOLLYWIRE studio to play Photoshopped or not!

Later the Lynch brothers, talk about their brother’s 21st birthday in Vegas, Ross Lynch’s new TV series on Netflix, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and a new house remix of their song Preacher Man.

We’re obsessed with the new Rocky Remix of The Preacher Man. As if this song wasn’t good enough on it’s own! We also talked about the recent hair swap of Ross and Rocky. Before, Ross had blonde hair and Rocky had brown, and now it’s the opposite! Ross asks Rocky if it was a dramatic change for him? Rocky says he walked by a window and was surprised at a reflection because he forgot what he looked like! However we can’t complain, we think he looks good.

The Driver Era also talks about their writing process. Ross says, “We’ve actually been writing songs on our own.” Rocky mentions, “In the beginning I thought it might be tough but it actually opened the door for more writing opportunities.” They also discussed how their music has matured with them as they’ve grown up. Ross says, “We’re growing as people and that’s translated through our music.”

However, they’re not the only ones growing! You may not know that there is in fact a another Lynch brother! Their youngest brother, Ryland Lynch just turned 21! So in order to celebrate, they took their little bro to Vegas! The weekend was spent in a penthouse suite! While their song, “Preacher Man” correlates strongly with their recent trip to Vegas the Lynch brothers were tight lipped about what exactly went down!

Later we ask The Driver Era, what’s the perfect song to listen to for a first date, a high speed car chase, a break up? Watch the video to find out!

Thank you so much for coming and and talking with HOLLYWIRE! We can’t wait to see you next time, The Driver Era!

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