We attended the Sense8 Finale premiere and got to speak to Tina Desai about her highlights, and people she would want to be connected to!

Sense8 is the series which has taken fans by storm. The show depicts eight characters all around the world who, all of a sudden, are able to connect with each other through their thoughts. However, only they can see and hear each other. The characters show up in each others lives unexpectedly at unexpectedly first, but soon hone their skills and realize that this is all happening for the greater good. Sense8 is an important show which portrays characters from all around the world who are not usually portrayed in Hollywood. The cast includes minority, gay, and transgender characters who work together and eventually become a family.

While this show is beloved by fans globally, last year Netflix decided to cancel Sense8. The outcry was enormous. Fans rallied on social media to bring it back to the small screen. Because of this, Netflix decided to bring back the show for one last, two hour episode.

We met up with Tina Desai at the Sense8 season finale event in Hollywood. Tina Desai, who plays Kala Dandekar in the show, speaks about her unique experiences while filming Sense8. When we asked her what the highlights of shooting the show were she said it was the travel. She responded, “You get to see the northern lights when you’re in Iceland. We were in Berlin for [the] 31st night [of shooting.] We shot the firework scene in real time. So it was confusing if we were filming or really enjoying real life.” And that definitely shows in the series, it is very clear that this cast has a strong connection to each other.

We are sad to see Sense8 go but incredibly happy that this remarkable show got the send off it deserved.

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