Artist Tyla Yaweh stopped by the HOLLYWIRE studio and talks spontaneous tattoos, being an independent artist, and old school music!

It’s Gemini month and that’s exactly what Tyla Yaweh has been tweeting about! We had to know, why is his astrological sign so important to him? Tyla says, “I’m a Gemini myself. So it’s just like, I feel like, Gemini’s need some type of love. We’re always getting bashed on.”

In a previous interview we saw that Tyla Yaweh remarked that he is, “an artist. Not a rapper.” He responds, “I just don’t want to put myself in a box. I can make all kinds of music. If I want to make some signing music, I can make some singing music.”

We also had to know about Tyla Yaweh’s obsession with the broken heart emoji. He has one in his bio on his Twitter, Instagram, and even a tattoo of it on his face! We had to know where it comes from and if it was his signature. He says, “I love it. I love the structure of it, how it looks. It looks dope. The reason I got it, was I was taking a shower and was like ‘yo I’m about to go get a broken heart tatted on my face.'” We wondered, “Is it because subconsciously, your heart was broken one day?” Tyla quickly replied, “nah!”

Lastly, we wanted to ask Tyla Yaweh some questions about his tweets! Yaweh tweeted, “new number new phone but no new friends,” with a photo attached of an iPhone X box. “I’m tired of people who never believed in me. [Who] just started hitting my phone up. [Saying] ‘Congratulations’ or ‘I’m proud of you’ or ‘yo.'”

Well, we’ve believed in you since the beginning Tyla Yaweh! Thanks for stopping by HOLLYWIRE!

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