Huddy Calls Charli D’Amelio out – and Charli’s mom claps back!

Jul 23

Huddy Calls Charli D’Amelio out – and Charli’s mom claps back!


Chase “Huddy” Hudson just tweeted, “you got everybody fooled I got you figured out. 7/29”.Which at first glance looks like a lyric from a song that’s dropping on 7/29. But! Fans were quick to assume this song is about Huddy’s ex Charli D’Amelio, who is currently dating Huddy’s former bestie, Landon Barker. 

Well, Charli’s mom – Heidi D’Amelio seemed to have had enough of Huddy – as she went on an Instagram story rant seemingly calling out him around the same time that this tweet surfaced. Heidi has since deleted her Instagram story posts – but of course, the rant lives on in screenshots. 

As she wrote, “People are quick to forget how there your were for them” [shrugging emoji]  and then “Little Mr Gaining attention on the Internet by playing the victim because you are self-centered and have zero self-awareness.” Followed by “Some people thrive on being the victim. Others learn and grow and mature from relationships. Pick your player.” And then finally “Okay back to my fam living life learning growing processing being self-aware owning our sh— Not! Playing! Victim! At! Every! Turn! So lucky we keep each other in check! Some could never. Love you all.” 


The beginning

Charli and Huddy began dating in the Fall of 2019. But then in March of 2020 Josh Richards and Bryce Hall made a diss track accusing Huddy of cheating on Charli with Josh’s girlfriend at the time Nessa Barrett. At the time Heidi defended Huddy and told her followers to leave Charli and Huddy alone. But by April of 2020 Charli and Huddy broke up. Then they seemed to be working on getting back together, until that July when Huddy revealed that he did get with Nessa while trying to get back with Charli. 

Then in late 2021 Charli and Huddy were getting really flirty on social media, celebrated Halloween together in a couple’s costume,  and were even spotted kissing in a photo booth – but by June of this year, Charli started dating Huddy’s former best friend Landon – and has been very public about their relationship since. He has previously been silent about his ex dating his best friend – until now. 

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