The Lost Kings are in the studio to play Hollywire Polaroid. Today in the studio, they talk about the night they decided to become a duo and how much pairing up helped them create content. They also discuss what they think is their greatest accomplishments so far, and that playing a set at ULTRA music festival was one of the most memorable moments of their career. Nick Shanholtz explained to us at Hollywire how this performance changed so many peoples opinions on how the duo usually performs, which is super monumental.

We get deep at the with Lost Kings, and ask them what their biggest fear is, and you won’t believe what they say. We explore their concert venues, and which ones were their favorites, as well as talk about what it means to be a performer. And now for the juiciest part; Lost Kings tell us their CELEB crush only on Hollywire. You don’t want to miss this Polaroid interview with electronic gurus, Lost Kings. This duo shows us that it takes more than just star power to make an impact on the house music community, and with hits like “Don’t Kill My High” and “Phone Down” We expect to see way more of this power duo in the future.

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