Maggie Lindemann visited the Hollywire studio to play Hollywire Polaroid. When she was 12, in middle school, one of her friends heard her singing and convinced her that she should pursue singing! She reveals the story about her first kiss! It was the summer going into ninth grade. She had never kissed a boy until that moment, her friends pressured her about not having kissed anyone yet and so she felt the need to get it over with before going into high school. Her music inspiration is Lana Del Rey. Lana inspires Maggie through her lyrics, her lyrics speak to her and she feels a connection to them. She tells us about her morning routine. Maggie lays in bed for about an hour, she scrolls through her phone, she has an Alexa and plays music first thing. She sometimes goes to the gym in the morning as well. Maggie admits that she is shy sometimes when it comes to singing. She says, she was unsure of herself and her ability to sing; so the first time she sang in front of people was pretty scary.

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