Daniella and Devenity Perkins are in the studio to chat about their careers and being sisters! We discuss how they got into YouTube and social media, by hanging out in Daniella’s trailer while on the set of Knight Squad. And chat about Daniella’s role on Knight Squad! Daniella plays Ciara alongside her friends Lexi Capriana DiBenedetto, Owen Joyner, Savannah May, and Lilimar. They tell us what they love about each other and what annoys them! Daniella thinks it is annoying when Devenity barrows her clothes without asking. While Devenity thinks it is annoying when Daniella claims she is stealing her clothes! But, they do have a great time hanging out as sisters and speak highly of one another. Devenity tells us about her song Bored and it came to be. She also informs us she will be putting out more music soon and to keep an eye out for it. Daniella has a game show out on Nickelodeon and of course Knight Squad which is on it’s second season!

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