Lennon Stella is in the Hollywire studio to chat about her life, her career, her love for Nashville, Tennessee. And of course, to play Noggins up, who knew she was a killer at guessing games?!
Back up a little bit as we go into a little of what Lennon Stella’s past looks like!
Lennon and her little sister Maisy did covers on youtube which went absolutely viral. Their performances continue to keep audiences in awe at their talent. Their youtube channel lennonandmaisy showcases covers such as Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn which has 30 million views!
Lennon’s success continues to grow to this day and after starring in the hit ABC Tv series Nashville as Maddie Conrad, and the show is now on CMT for season 5 and 6.
Nashville is Lennon’s home and she absolutely loves it! In the Hollywire Studio, Lennon shares how family is her main motivation behind how she writes her music, it’s instantly more meaningful than writing about boys she says. Her song breakaway is the most meaningful to her, it talks about her family issues and how she feels living through those memories and why all the songs have a special place for Lennon.

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