CARDI B – Funniest Moments You NEED TO KNOW!!!

Cardi B is our FAVORITE so we wanted to compile her greatest and most hilarious moments for you all!

1.) Cardi B on giving relationship advice

Cardi B has no shame and that’s why we love her. In a her interview she makes the shy interviewer uncomfortable by saying “If I like somebody, I just say ‘I am so f**king lonely.” Then does on to describe her interviewer and how she would like to be with him. She goes on to “pet” him and you can almost see the sweat dripping down his forehead.

2.) Cardi on taboo subjects

In an interview with Complex, she goes to a “Buttcamp” and gets into detail with how it made her nether regions feel. She says it feels like the exercise was “stretching” down there.

3.) Cardi’s Butt

In an interview she says, “It’s 75% real.” Either way, we love it

4.) Her views on Trump

She says if she was every caught near him she’d do her best to annoy him by singing, bragging about her parents who are immigrants, and

5.) Cardi talks money

Unlike other topics, Cardi says that she remains pretty quiet regarding her income because she’s “still in the hood.” However, she’s got big opinions about her tax money. WHERE IS IT GOING? She needs answers!

6.) On being a housewife

When Cardi B was offered the opportunity to be a housewife, she was not thrilled to say the least. She’s #independent. You can really tell that Cardi B is about making her own money, shes’ not about relying on another person.  We totally support that.

7.) On being stripper

She admits that she LOVED being a stripper because it made her a lot of money. And most importantly, she mentions, “it got me my boob job.”

Thanks for being honest Cardi B! You make us LOL!

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