More Details About Justin Bieber Crying

Justin was so emotional and crying because he’s never felt so emotionally exposed before, and it’s all because of Hailey. He’s never felt the way he does about Hailey ever before and he is literally bursting with love. Their relationship has been an emotional roller coster, a source said, “He isn’t opening up to anyone but Hailey right now, all he will say is that they’re ‘going though some things’ but other than that he’s like a vault. Justin and Hailey share everything with each other. He loves her because they support each other during their most difficult moments. And yeah, that means a lot of tears sometimes.” The source add, “They are being very private about what they are dealing with, not opening up to many. But Justin is happy that he has Hailey and she is happy that he is there too so they both have a shoulder to cry on.”

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