Kailyn Lowry: I’m Done Dating Men Forever! – Regretful of Doing Game of Clones

It has been known back in May that Kailyn Lowry has filmed a dating show on MTV that is entitled “Game of Clones”.

The tweet of Kailyn Lowry recently after the filming revealed that she regretted being on the dating show. “Shoulda stayed home”, her tweet said.

Though she openly told us about her disappointing experience on the show, it wasn’t clear why she didn’t enjoy it. She added, “This weekend was a waste of my time lol”.

We got to have the insights into the reasons for Kail’s frustration when the premise of the show appeared lately.

What many of us found a little creepy about the show is that, along with celebrities Cara Maria and Pauly D, Kail was paired with several singles who looked like her celebrity crush.

Of course, the producer of the show brought out a number of dudes to match Kail’s crush.

Here ruptures the mystery! Kail selected her Quavo of Migos as celebrity crush but she apparently could not have a Mr. right and that’s not really surprising. 

But something intriguing that just came out is that she said that she was done dating men and her celebrity crush was someone female.

However, the show decided to go for a dude celebrity crush.

She told, “Met cool people but [I’m] also embarrassed and wished I didn’t (go on the show).”

On answering why she was embarrassed, she said, “I wouldn’t be with another man.”

Kail, once again, made sure that she would stay away from dating a man in a tweet from 4th February.

“Heard ‘Game of Clones’ commercial came out. Let’s just make it clear I would never be with another man again so…” So, it is very clear that Kail is very serious and thinking consciously about her decisions on dates and relationships.

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