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Dolan Twins Top Our List Of SEXIEST YouTubers!

We’ve dug up the Top 10 Sexiest Men putting out content on YouTube – some big time and some just getting started. They’re funny, sometimes a little crazy, and our favorite guys to lurk on a Sunday night. So who are they? Todd Eric, James Charles, Ryan Higa, Jeff Wittek, Dolan Twins, Kian Lawley, Rickey Thompson, Anwar Jibawi, Juanpa Zurita, and Jay Boice!

Demi Lovato UPDATES and Dani Vitale & Youtube Speak Out!!

Demi Lovato’s friends speak out about her overdose and the fan backlash they’ve been getting. Demi’s backup dancer, Dani Vitale, sends a message to all the Demi fans who are criticizing her. Youtube has pushed back her documentary, “Simply Complicated,” until at least 2019! Doctors say she will make a full recovery.


We hung-out with INNA at the Hollywire studio! She was studying political science while in school but transitioned to music soon after. She has almost 4 billion hits on Youtube! She has been touring non-stop. She loves Mexico and Japan the most! She collaborated with Pitbull and met him while in Japan! She also was a host on The Voice! We play Hollywords with INNA and find out her most embarrassing fan moment! She loves Instagram and her celebrity crush is Justin Timberlake! Her album ‘Yo’ and her track ‘Iguana’ is out!

Emily Skinner and Lilia Buckingham

Emily Skinner and Lilia Buckingham came by the Hollywire studio to do a live instagram story about their new song ‘Denim Jacket!’ Lilia and Emily talked about their music video that they filmed together, how the song came to be, and more! They also got to chat with their fans, live! Fans tuned in and were brought into the conversation to ask their burning questions. You don’t want to miss these two discuss their music and play Hollywords with each other and a few of their lucky fans!

5 Things That You Should Know About Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is a famous actress who is famous for her character as Cat Valentine in the well-liked Nickelodeon series Victorious. After that, she named a role in the “Sam & Cat” spinoff; however, the show has ended in 2014. Grande released “Yours Truly”, her debut solo album in 2013. On Billboard 200 it became number one that time.

Here are 5 things that you should know about Ariana Grande:

  • She likes Halloween and also desires that Halloween was every day. She has been obsessed with horror cinemas as she was younger.
  • She is a pure vegetarian. She doesn’t have meat in the diet, she also doesn’t eat any dairy food and she doesn’t even include eggs in the diet.
  • Whereas most recognize that she is a brilliant artist, her career got an intense improvement after she contacted with Scooter Braun, manager of Justin Bieber.
  • This might come as a surprise, but Ariana allegedly admitted that she uses profanity, actually, she curses similar to a sailor. “I absolutely do. I’m Italian! I wish I could less. But I don’t know why people are so shocked by me. I guess it’s because of the character I played so long being such a goody-two-shoes”, she said according to Ok Magazine.
  • Grande is influenced that one of her exes resentful on her with another man. When she talks about her favorite songs, she said, “It’s about a boy who cheats on a girl with another boy. It’s one of my favorites on the album, and it’s really funny because I believe it has happened to me. I am not 100 percent positive, although I’m 99.9 percent positive.”

According to the reports, Ariana’s solo “The Way”, was the first solo from her album, “Yours Truly.” The particular placed in the top 10 in the US and even went triple platinum. She released “My Everything” in 2014, which sold almost 170,000 copies in the first week and debuted at number one. Her solo, “Problem” featuring Hip Hop impression Iggy Azalea, placed at 3rd number on Billboard’s Hot 100 and sold over 400,000 copies once released.

She has a great popularity over the social media and she purportedly has over 47 M followers on Twitter, millions of YouTube views, million likes on her Facebook page, and over 125 M followers on Instagram. Outside of music, Ariana Grande is concerned with different causes for instance “Kids Who Care” that is a group which raises funds for charities in the South Florida area.

Justin Roberts

Justin Roberts comes to the Hollywire Studio to chat about his career with Ashley Brinkman. Justin’s song ‘Six Figures’ has 7 million views. He said he came up with it by simply thinking of what rappers rap about and adding comedy to it; and it worked! Drake come to his 15th birthday party where Justin took photo’s with him and then was at a loss for words! But, when Drake left his party he ended up following Justin on Instagram! He has a new show out on Youtube called Work In Progress. He will be making a Team 10 movie that’s 30 minutes long and will be aired on his channel! We also chat about Shane Dawson and how he thinks Shane is revolutionizing the game! We play Hollywords with Justin and get all the tea about his life!

Tristan Tales

Tristan Tales came by the studio to tell us all about his YouTube channel and new show on ‘Brat’!! We chatted a bit about his best friend, Tessa Brooks, and all the hilarious pranks he has pulled on her. Tristan was on ‘Boss Cheer’ on the Brat network and even executive produced it. Since Tristan said he wasn’t very good at cheering we decided to teach him a little something, and we were actually very impressed by ourselves!!

Max & Harvey

CHECK OUT Max and Harvey’s new song:…

Some of our favorite British boys, Max & Harvey, came by the studio to chat with us! Not only were we lucky enough to interview them, we even got to hear a live performance of their new song “Trade Hearts”. They even told us where they got the inspiration for the song! We got to hear about their craziest fan experience and it sounded wild. They said their dream collab would be with Marshmello! We had so much fun with these boys and can’t wait to see what they have coming up!

Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce stopped by the studio and we got to hear all about the charity campaign he’s currently working on! Every shirt is being bought for $25 and that $25 essentially provides clean water to one person for the rest of their life!! Cameron is so passionate about this project and we’re so glad he’s involved in something as important the water crisis. We then got to talking about Descendants 3, can you guys believe the first Descendants film came out 5 years ago?!

Make sure to buy one of Cameron Boyce’s shirts to help end the water crisis!!…

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