HOLLYWIRE caught up with Brian Shaw at the Mike Tyson Ranch launch event! We shared some details about training for World’s strongest man, HEAVIEST weights, and going viral on YouTube!

Brian Shaw has won The World’s Strongest Man title FOUR times! We wanted to know what the training is like to win such a huge title! “One word.. it’s crazy. Picking up cars, lifting stones, and pulling trucks. All kinds of crazy stuff. So all the stuff you see on TV is exactly how we have to train.” We also asked Shaw, “What’s the heaviest thing you’ve had to pick up?” Shaw replied that the heaviest thing was a giant bar loaded with tires on each side. “So kind of like a bar you’d see in the gym, except super sized and it was 1130 pounds,” says Brian Shaw. That is truly something you’d have to see to believe!

Recently, Shaw posted a Youtube video that has gone crazy viral. The video contains footage of the first time two men have ever lifted 1000 pounds on a dead lift in the same training session. The pair are two of the top dead lifters in the world, and have been friends for over ten years! Shaw has been recently trying to to get more Youtube videos out there. He also released another video which documented his full day of eating which amassed to over 12,000 calories!!!

Brian Shaw even picked up HOLLYWIRE’s own Tony! Thanks for stopping to chat with us, Brian!

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