13 Reasons Why

Timothy Granaderos

In this Hollywire interview with Timothy Granaderos, actor of t@gged, he tells us all about his lifestyle as an actor. Also, how he is good friends with many cast members of t@gged and 13 Reasons Why!


Timothy Granaderos plays Montgomery on Netflix’s tv show 13 Reasons Why. The Netflix series has just wrapped season 2 and we already can’t wait for season 3! His character ‘Monty’ on 13 Reasons Why is portrayed as a villain. In this video, Tim shares his weirdest and most awkward moments. Monty may be a little rough on the edges, but in real life, Tim is just. a lovely, relatable guy. He previously admitted to being an emotional guy and enjoys cleaning his house. During his Hollywire interview, Tim admitted he shared a CRAZY fan encounter!!


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