Joe Moses Talks “Back Goin Brazy,” Future, and LeBron James!

Joe Moses explains ‘going brazy.’ He tells us about putting together his song “Back Goin Brazy” and working with Future. Joe grew up in Los Angeles and dishes on how he helps the community with his music. Not only do we talk music but we also get into the Lakers, LeBron James, and Joe gives Lebron some advise!!

Are Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson DONE or Will They Make It Work?!

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are not doing as well as we all had thought. Khloe did take Tristan back after he cheated on her, with Lani Blair back in April while Khloe was pregnant with True, doesn’t mean everything is back to normal for the two. Khloe has been trying to keep her relationship going with him because there have been moments where Tristan has put in a lot effort when it comes to True and his, dad duties. But, he wants out of the relationship all together and would like to move back to Cleveland, where Lani is rumored to be staying in his home.


We caught up with Charles Barkley and asked him about his NBA Awards Predictions as well as his Golf Game!


We caught up with living legend Shaquille O’Neil. The superstar athlete discusses his DJ career as well as his NBA Award Predictions!

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