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Loren Gray

Loren Gray Admits To Stealing A Picture of Eminem & Eats Kangaroo!! | Hollywire


Loren Gray tells us all the weird things she owns and has done! She has a poster of Eminem in her room that she stole from her managers office. She recreated her old makeup looks for a makeup tutorial video on Youtube. The last time she was on a stage performing was at 13 years old and her voice cracked. She owns avocado socks and loves them. The weirdest thing she’s ever eaten was kangaroo!

Logan Shroyer

Logan Shroyer stops by the Hollywire studio to talk about his career and life! He tells us he almost missed his audition for “This Is Us” because of a dentist appointment! He plays ‘teen Kevin’ who is Kevin Pearson’s (Justin Hartley) younger self. We play Guilty/Not Guilty with Logan and find out that he has used his brother’s tooth brush, farted on set, and has slid into his crushes DM’s. He is co-stars with Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley, and Chrissy Metz.

Miley Cyrus’ Most Iconic Looks Across The Decade!

Miley Cyrus, we grew up watching her as a Disney star, and she later came into our lives like a wrecking ball, and showed us how twerking’s really done. She’s a woman of many looks, and we’ve grown up with her and watched as she enters each new age of Miley, transitioning through different phases and trying new looks. We love that she’s not afraid to venture into new territories and when it comes to fashion, Miley Cyrus is quite the pioneer. She’s our favorite bad girl, sweet girl, rock star, and all of the above. Let’s run through our favorite Miley looks over the last decade.

Jaylen Barron

Jaylen Barron drops by the Hollywire studio to talk with Ashley Brinkman about her career! She plays Zoe on the Netflix series “Free Rein.” She admits to us that she didn’t know how to ride horses before she booked the job and told the casting director she knew how! Also, she loves playing the scene’s where Zoe gets to have some attitude and throw sass. We play Hollywords with Jaylen and find out that she loves Dr. Phill and her favorite festival is Wireless where she literally ran into Drake! Finally, she tells us all about her alter ego, Boujaye!

Top Christmas Albums Of All Time!

All I want for Christmas is…a really good Christmas album! It’s safe to say that people are getting in the spirit by sipping on eggnog, decorating Christmas trees, and of course listening to the best Christmas albums of all time! We have made our list and we have checked it twice to find out the top 5 Christmas Albums that are perfect for any Christmas celebration! Michael Buble, Sia, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Mariah Carey.

Jacob Sartorius

Jacob Sartorius is at the Hollywire studio talking about new music and his life! He tells Tony Moras that his song ‘Better With You’ is about someone, but he’s keeping that certain someone a secret! He loves Maroon 5, Adam Levine’s sound, and wanted to incorporate that with a Bruno Mars vibe on this song. Jacob thinks everyone should step their pants game up! He has so many pairs of pants and says he even wears crazy pants when he’s at home. He tells us about a time when a fan brought him a gold fish and chocolate milk to a meet and greet. We play Hollywords with him and find out his celebrity crush Paris Hilton! Also, we find out that in 2018 he dealt with anxiety and has been dealing with it in a positive way. Finally, he says Blackbear has been like a big brother to him!

Ariana Grande Runs to Pete Davidson’s Side Following His Alarming Social Media Post

It has not been an easy road for Pete Davidson. Fighting an upward battle against mental illness, and recently going through a difficult break up with former fiancé Ariana Grande, Pete has had his share of struggle. And just a few days ago, Pete Davidson posted a scary note on instagram that threw fans and friends into a frenzy for his well being and health.

Adam Pally

Adam Pally is at the Hollywire studio to chat about his life and career! He tells us all about CHAMPAIGN ILL where he and Sam Richardson play best friends with the biggest rapper in the world, who dies suddenly and they are forced to navigate their lives without him. CHAMPAIGN ILL is streaming now on YouTube Premium!! He has also worked with Leighton Meester and feels she is totally underrated and very talented. He feels really lucky to have worked with Jim Carey recently. He has two kids named Cole and Drake. We play How Well Do You Know JLo and find out he knows her pretty well!

Elias Harger

Elias Harger stops by the Hollywire studio to talk all things “Fuller House” and more! He tells Ashley Brinkman that he loves playing Max Fuller on the show. His on-set mom, Candace Cameron Bure, is awesome to act with. He lets us in on what filming the show is like and what his cast-mates are like. He also has watched the original show “Full House.” Co-star Michael Campion introduced Elias to magic and it’s become a fun hobby for him. We play Hollywords with him and find out what his Halloween birthday party would be like!

Amy Rutberg

Amy Rutberg came by the Hollywire studio to chat all about her life and career! She tells Ashley Brinkman that she loves to box and trains with the Daredevil set trainer who also trains Ben Barnes and Charlie Cox. She stars in the Marvel TV show Daredevil which films in New York. She absolutely loves working with her cast-mates. She loves Deborah Ann Woll’s (Karen Page) storyline the best on the show! Not only that but, Amy is also on NCIS: NOLA! She loves going to New Orleans to film the show alongside Scott Bakula. We play Hollywords with her and find out her last text message, her annoying habit, and her morning routine!

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