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David Dobrik

We chat with David Dobrik on the orange carpet at the Kids Choice Awards!! We discuss David’s merchandise, that he loves to wear black, and his hair! He tells us he would love to collaborate with Dude Perfect.
Born in Slovakia, David Dobrik is known for having a super successful channel on Youtube with millions of subscribers. On his channel, David posts about vlogs, skits, and his daily life. Aside from his own channel, David is also super known for being a part of the youtube channel The Vlog Squad, and before youtube we can see David on Vine where we can see his collabs with other stars like Zane and Heath, Jason Nash, liza Koshy, The Gabbie Show, etc.

Hero Fiennes-Tiffin

We chat with Hero Fiennes-Tiffin on the carpet at the premiere of his movie, “After”!! He loves the fans and can’t get enough of them. He thinks the fans are absolutely amazing! He loved filming the lake scene because it was very hot and humid in Atlanta. It meant a lot to him to make the scenes just right. Hero gives us dating advice! We also discuss his modeling career. We spoke with Anna Todd, the writer, as well!!
Hero is a heart-throb model from London who is best known for his role in Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince though he first took to the stage on the big screen Bigga Than Ben as Spartak in 2008. Over the years since, Hero has appeared in various films and television shows but what he has in store for us is going to make you melt. You do not want to miss Hero in his latest role as Hardin Scott in this year’s sexiest rom-dram After. He is definitely not the little boy he was in Harry Potter.

Josephine Langford

We caught up with Josephine Langford at the premiere of her film “After”!! She said she loved working with the whole cast and had an especially great time working alongside Selma Blair. We discuss her role in the film and the infamous lake scene with Hero Fiennes-Tiffin! We also spoke with the director, Jenny Gage!
Up and coming star, Josephine Langford is someone you will start seeing a lot more of. You have seen her in the movies Wish Upon and Wolf Creek. She is also Thirteen Reasons Why, Katherine Langfords sister. She is starting is the new film After, alongside Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and Pia Mia. Josephine is originally from Australia which is a long way from Hollywood.

Ava Max

Ava Max is in the Hollywire studio!! We play a fun game of Hollywords with Ava and find out her Starbucks order, a tall soy latte. Also, that she loves to dine out – she always wants to be around people and energy. And finally, she would go to Coachella over EDC. She teaches us a dance move for her music video!! We discuss her song “Sweet But Psycho” and what that song means to her. We also find out what her favorite emoji is! Ava is Albanian just like some other major pop-stars like, Dua Lipa and Rita Ora!
Originally from Wisconsin, Ava Max is an American singer-songwriter, best known for her hit single “Sweet but Psycho”. She originally was releasing music on Soundcloud but after running into record producer Cirkut at dinner one night and singing him “Happy Birthday” he found her deserving of his help in her career. Together they created a fan base and brought her into the light of more record labels. After what seemed to be a slow start there was a huge take off for Ava and now she can also be heard featuring on tracks with familiar artists including David Guetta.

Millie Bobby Brown

We have all the TEA on “Stranger Things” Millie Bobby Brown’s new relationship with Romeo Beckham. Yep… you heard right. Baby Beckham and Eleven! And let me tell you guys – the tea is boiling hot! Also, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are one of the hottest couples in Hollywood right now, and have everyone else’s attention as well as the medias. But how does this couple deal with rumors and false reports of them splitting up? By showing us they love each other even more!
You know her from songs like “Girlfriend” and “Sk8er boi” but did you know that this 2000’s teen icon, Avril Lavigne has a clone?!? This conspiracy claims that Lavigne put away all the glitz and glamour a few years after her music released, and she was getting tired of the public appearances and events. We’re getting closer and closer to inhabiting Mars, but we wouldn’t be anywhere without CEO Elon Musk. He has invented Tesla, SpaceX and has recently dropped a fire track?? Yes you heard us right, Elon Musk just released a new single on soundcloud which has us all scratching our heads like monkeys.

Annie LeBlanc

We speak with Annie LeBlanc and Baby Ariel on the orange carpet at the Kids Choice Awards! Annie is linking up with Nickelodeon’s digital space and their new projects! The show is called “The Bake Off” with her sister Hayley LeBlanc. She went to a fitting with Jayden Bartels to get ready for the Kids Choice Awards! She tells us 5 of her favorite things about her sister Hayley and her biggest pet peeves. Baby Ariel says she is excited to see DJ Khalid! She is writing a lot of music and is in the studio.
Annie LeBlanc is one of three siblings and Annie along with her siblings have a hit channel on Youtube called Bratayley with over 7 million subscribers. Aside from youtube, Annie also stars in a few shows like Chicken Girls, and A Girl Named Jo, or even the youtube channel Brat. Aside from acting Annie is also a singer, with top hits on the charts, we are not surprised at how talented Annie is! Annie’s music inspiration comes from singers like Shawn Mendes and Kelsea Ballerini!

Kira Kosarin

Kira Kosarin is in the Hollywire studio! We play a hilarious game of Hollywords and find out that she prefers sneakers over heels, private jets over yachts, and her biggest pet peeve! Her song “Vinyl” was written when she was 17 years old! She never thought she would put it out but she did. Be sure to check out her music video too! “Love You Like You Hate Me” was written at home while hanging out, listening to H.E.R. “Take This Outside” is her album’s, Off Brand, banger! She wants people to feel great about themselves when listening to it and have a great time.


Plested is in the Hollywire studio! We play a fun game of Hollywords with him and find out his celebrity crush is Ariana Grande! We also find out his favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio and he has been starstruck by Nial Rodgers. Plested has amazing vlogs about each city he’s traveled to. Be sure to check them out! “First and Foremost” is his first EP he has put out with loads of songs about love and life. His songs are about his own experiences but not too specifically – he likes for all people to be able to relate to them. The best feeling is when fans know his songs and sing them with him while he performs.
Plested’s full name is Philip Plested. He is a singer-songwriter from the UK and is currently based in London. He written songs for celebrities such Little Mix, Zayn Malik, Emeli Sandé and James Morrison. Some of his standout hits include Your Name, Habits, First Time, Easier Said Than Done, and Home By Now.

Case Walker

We got to play Hollywords with the amazing, Case Walker!! He revealed to us that his celeb crush is Gigi Hadid. He said that he loves to play games on his phone and that Clash of Clans is his favorite app right now. Case said that he has traveled to Mexico and New York and loved both of those places. The Tik Tok star told us a little bit about his start and rise to fame on social media, and even how he got bullied for having his following! Case even told us his top tips for making a Tik Tok video. We got to hear a little bit about the new show Case stars on, The Other Two! On the hilarious show, Case stars as the little brother who gets famous.

Max and Harvey

We speak with Max and Harvey on the orange carpet at the Kids Choice Awards! Max and Harvey were in the Hollywire studio and shot glitter guns all over the studio! Their song “Coming Soon” was in the works for seven months! We discuss their ‘pet’ turtle, which happens to be their friends turtle who wears their merchandise. We also chat about how Hollywire released their single before they did! Sorry guys! The duo tell us about their European tour and how well they know it. They tell us about their new song with Jayden Bartels and sing part of it live on the orange carpet for us! The shoot for their music video “Trade Hearts” took them about 13 hours to shoot and they had an amazing time doing it.

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