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“The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd”-suits best to STEVE AUKI

“Everyone who wanders is not lost.” Life of Steve Auki’s defines it all!

DJ Steve Aoki formed his brand around raucous live sets, high-profile remixes and collaborations, and his Indie label, Dim Mak Records.Steve received an official debut album, named as “Wonderland”, received a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album in 2013, while subsequent releases remained a steady presence .

The Dim Mak founder and polarising DJ , Cake and Criticism…!

Steve Aoki sets are specially designed  to get caked up! If you’ve been to one of his shows, it’s likely you’ve seen someone get a cake straight to the face. And if you’re really lucky, it’s happened to you!

The concert of Steve Aoki isn’t just throwing average baked goods out into the crowd — that sh**t is surely gourmet! Evidently the world renowned producer has a team of culinary experts who craft his cakes to smashing perfection. They dedicatedly bake the cakes to an ideal consistency, all the better to smash with!

Aoki have a special team of cake makers that travel the world with him getting the consistency just right — surely the desired effect is explosive rather than edible!LOL..

“No Pain, No Gain…!” He never had fast success. That’s something younger artists must learn from him.There is no such thing as fast success or some sudden moment when everything shifts from night to day. You have to put in the work and you have to grind,like Steve. “I am also the part of same cycle everyone else is. This makes resilience such an important skill set, because you can only learn through experience. So, being self-made is in your head and the way you tackle life daily.”He said once.

Eva Longoria Had A Hard Time On The Set of ‘Grand Hotel’ After Baby

Eva Longoria reveals that it had been a tough experience on the TV series “Grand Hotel” set with her newborn son – Santiago. She had thought that it would be easy to take the baby on work since she had not to be in front of the camera.

Though the 43-year-old actress doesn’t have any regrets on her decision of accompanying her son to the set, she feels the whole period was a bit harder than she actually had anticipated.

On the show Entertainment Tonight, she tells, “When I was directing, I had just had Santi and I was breastfeeding as I was saying action and running around. I thought, ‘This will be easy, I’m not in front of the camera. There’s no pressure to look amazing’, (but) it was so hard. I was like, ‘What am I doing?’.”

She discovered that it was not her looks that had to intervene her and her son on the set but instead the challenge was to stay focused on work and also take care of her little one.

Eva took herself to unveil that the whole time on the set was fun and she is delighted to see her baby boy grown on the set. She tells, “But he’s grown up on the set. He’s been on the set every episode. This cast is like his surrogate family.”

This shows that Santiago has developed new bonds with the people on the set and had lovely interactions with them.

Eva is loving becoming a mother. She tells us, “I’m still in ecstasy with becoming a mother and embracing every moment. He’s starting to laugh now and react to people, which is really exciting and fun to watch.”

The actress and director seems very satisfied after finishing her work on “Grand Hotel”. She was literally obsessed with the original Spanish story that the series is based on.

She further adds to ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “It was a lot of fun. It was an original Spanish format that was a period piece that happened in the 1800s and I was obsessed with it.” Here is a glimpse of the passion that she has for ‘Grand Hotel’, “I was like, ‘I wanna contemporise that. What would a family-owned hotel look like today with the upstairs and the downstairs? What happens if we set it in Miami, which is a sexy character in itself? What happens if we populate it with all these wonderful and beautiful people?’ And then voila, you have Grand Hotel.”


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