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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Was In HOW Many Movies This Year?! Test Your Movie Knowledge!!

2018 is coming to a close. Let’s take a look at the movies this year with a quick Movie Trivia game! First, True or false there were over 10,000 feature films released in the year of 2018. Second, True or false: The Avengers: Infinity War was the highest grossing film in the USA in the year 2018. Third, True or False: The Rock starred in 2 movies this year. Finally, True or False: A Silent Place by John Krasinski was a feature length film with virtually no talking in it. Thanks for playing our movie trivia game!

Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara chats with Tony Moras on the carpet for Jingle Ball. Her album The Pains Of Growing was written in Los Angeles, Toronto, and while on tour for the past two years about her experiences! She shares her New Years resolutions with us, one is that she wants to stop putting herself down when someone else compliments her!

Goody Grace

Goody Grace opens up about his career to Ashley Brinkman and Claire Ruane. When he moved to Los Angeles he crashed on Cisco Adler’s coach and Cisco’s old assistant, Gnash, took Goody shopping. They became finds and made Two Shots with Gnash. He wrote ‘Nostalgia Is A Lie’ three days after Mac Miller passed away. He met Mac at Coachella and then spent the Fourth of July at Mac’s bbq. Goody loves The Smiths and people even compare him to Morrissey! We play Hollywords with Goody and find out he’s never been on a vacation, he loves The Simpsons, and he’s friends with Travis Barker from Blink 182

Ruby Jay

Ruby Jay stopped by the Hollywire studio to talk all about her life and career! She stars as ‘Holly’ in the new Hulu Original “Holly Hobbie.” Not only that but, Ruby Jay put out a hit song ‘Cherry Pop’ and more recently “Young Love.” She breaks down the meaning of the song for us while in the studio! We play This Or That with Ruby and find out she loves Instagram, pasta over pizza, and Todrick Hall! If she could collaborate with anyone it would definitely be Todrick. We also learn that she loves musical theater and prefers New York City over Los Angeles!


We caught up with Bazzi at Jingle Ball! His song is called Beautiful and Tony Moras asks Andrew Bazzi, what he finds beautiful about this year. He said, getting to put his album out and that it’s genuine to himself. He is obsessed with outer space and and chose Cosmic for his album name to represent that love. He says performing at Jingle Ball is going to be fun! He was recently on tour with Justin Timberlake! He has so many great things to say about him and has been listening to him for a long time. Not only that but, he has been paying the guitar since he was six!

Monsta X

Monsta X shows us their signature on the Jingle Ball red carpet! They also teach Tony Moras to do it. The group calls out who takes the longest to get ready, who talks the longest on their hair! They released their album Are You There? one moth ago and dropped an English version! They put so much work into the dance routines and had a great time performing at Jingle Ball!

Loren Gray

Loren Gray came by to hangout with Tony Moras in the Hollywire studio. Loren comes clean about diamond earrings she lost that were given to her by her mom! She has been putting out some awesome music like, My Story. “It’s about falling for the wrong people over and over again.” Her song Kick You Out is about a guy she wanted to ‘kick out of her head.’ She usually writes with a few songwriters and always listens to Eminem! He is her favorite artist, she saw him perform at Coachella. Loren shares her love of Chipotle with us and says she wants a card that allows free food for life! And finally, she has a collaboration with Boys Lie makeup line, be sure to check it out!

Justin Bieber Buys Out Staple Center & Other CRAZY Celebrity Gifts!

It’s that time of year again – the holidays are here! Time for egg nog, mistle toe, and $20 million bath tubs. You heard right. We cover some of the most insane gifts celebrities have given to each other. This is probably not where you want to get your holiday shopping inspiration. Beyonce treated Jay Z to a watch that was $5 million dollars.Ben Affleck gifted Jennifer Lopez with a toilet. Justin Bieber rented out the Staples Center for his then girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Shawn Mendes’ Steamiest On Stage Moments!

Shawn Mendes, has quite undoubtedly risen to the highest levels of super stardom since the release of his first album, Illuminate. We’ve always known he is incredibly talented and has a voice like butter… but let’s talk about the transition that Shawn took taking him from boy next door to one of 2018’s most talked about musicians. Here’s Shawn Mendes’ steamiest on stage moments.

Emily Skinner and Lilia Buckingham

Emily Skinner and Lilia Buckingham came by the Hollywire studio to do a live instagram story about their new song ‘Denim Jacket!’ Lilia and Emily talked about their music video that they filmed together, how the song came to be, and more! They also got to chat with their fans, live! Fans tuned in and were brought into the conversation to ask their burning questions. You don’t want to miss these two discuss their music and play Hollywords with each other and a few of their lucky fans!

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