g eazy

Anthony Russo

We chat with Anthony Russo on the iHeart Jingle Ball carpet! He tells Tony Moras that he plans to spend the holidays with family in St Louis. He also gets his hair done often, he’s a bit of a homebody, and loves to write music in sweats! His team also represents G-Eazy, who Anthony calls his ‘big bro.’ He went on the Beautiful & Damned tour with G-Eazy and he just recorded an album with him! He does push-ups before he performs to help his nerves. He wrote the song California because he wanted to write about his experience coming out to Los Angeles. Anthony also has a few tattoo’s and tells us their meanings.

Cameron Dallas

We spoke to Cameron Dallas at Jingle Ball! He tells Tony Moras about his music, dog, and clothes. Cameron says, his song ‘Why Haven’t I Met You’ is about the love of his life that he hasn’t met yet! His dog Bandit is his best friend. He got Bandit as a puppy and he’s now 11 months. Finally, Cameron is covered in Gucci and his shoes are Dolce & Gabbana. For the holidays he’s going to stay home with his mom and sister.

How is HALSEY Coping with G-Eazy Breakup ?!

It has been reported that Halsey and G-Eazy are now broken up, fans are wondering how the songstress is coping. After tearing mid-song at a festival, we want to know how you would deal with a breakup and having to perform on stage days after?

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