Why Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is so famous?

How many of you get attracted to the success Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has earned in his life? But, how he reached this far and become so famous and successful?

Let’s break down the reasons he is so popular among millions of people. Guys, the reasons we are going to mention below are really an inspiration for anyone who aspires something in life. Just don’t miss out!

His Charismatic Personality Adds on

You’ve seen him and his charismatic character. It is something that helped him to rise far from where he had started. He can really make a huge difference in the life of people who surround him. Probably that’s why everyone waits for what he will do next in his life. Being able to appeal to everyone, he managed to make a transition from a minor fame to a remarkable success.

Competitiveness in His Veins

Everything he wants to do, he puts his soul, heart and mind in it. With an intense urge to give his best to whatever he does, he brings out perfection and competency. His competitive nature helped him succeed as a wrestler as well as an actor. For making his dreams come true, he worked hard without looking back. By paving is way ahead, he becomes what we see him today.

For making his dreams come true, he worked hard without looking back. In the pursuit of paving is way ahead, he managed to become what we see him today.

He Made Bold Decisions

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson epitomizes wisdom and courage. If you look through his life journey, you’ll find out that he made bold choices in his life. From cutting out a bad company and surrounding himself with good people to venturing from wrestling to acting, his choice changed his life thoroughly. Had he not believed in his dreams and ventures, he would not have been able to achieve the super-success that he is well-known for today.

He Learned from the Failures

Failures knock the door of all of us. But Dwayne transformed his failures first into the lessons, then into a motivation and finally into achievements. After failing miserably in his football career, he hit the rock bottom and was forced to go back with his parents.  However, he realized that he had a long way to go ahead and got to knew that he needed to work even harder.

Dwayne aimed high in his life and did what he could to manifest his dreams and visions. He is a big inspiration for everyone. Hear him talk about here at Hollywire Studio!

Everything You Must Know About Harley Quinn Smith – Latest Hollywood’s Celebrity News

The actress and daughter of actor Kevin Smith, Harley Quinn Smith is well-known for her movies Tusk and Yoga Hosers. This latest Hollywood’s celebrity news is all about the least known facts about the 19 years old actress. Here we go –

Harley started out as an actress at the age of 2 alongside her parents Kevin Smith and Jennifer Schwalbach Smith in the movie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. She continued with movies such as Jersey Girl (2004) and Clerks II (2006) directed by her father.

She is doing wonderfully well in the movies with support of her dad, but Harley wanted to be a professional bass guitarist. Her passion and love can be seen, however, for acting now.

The actress who grew up with a dream of becoming a bass guitarist was once a hardcore emo. She loved being a dark personality and used to put up dark make up and wore shirts that didn’t fit.

Harley Quinn Smith is a vegan and is really concerned for the rights of animals. She even prides to stand for those who feel or are weaker. 

Top Hollywood’s celebrity interview performed recently at Hollywire Studio lets out some compelling facts about her life and career.

The young actress reveals that she had an awkward fan moment at Disneyland. She talked about her fave pet which is a bunny. Not just this, but she also told what it’s like working with and being directed by her dad. It would be a great deal if you miss watching her. Click here for the fun interview!

The SEXIEST Looks From The People’s Choice Awards!!

The People’s Choice Awards was a star studded event! We breakdown the best celebrity looks! Some people to grace the PCA carpet were Sabrina Carpenter, Mila Kunis, Shay Mitchell, Camila Mendes, and of course Kim Kardashian!

Jenn McAllister and Rickey Thompson

Jenn McAllister and Rickey Thompson from “Foursome” by Awesomeness TV drop by the Hollywire studio to talk everything season 4!! They star in the show alongside Cameron Moulène, Meghan Falcone, and Logan Paul. Rickey spills all about his characters new relationship and they reveal that they love to watch the show at home! We play Guilty or Not Guilty and find out all the dirt!!

Bella Hadid CLAPS BACK At Haters & Internet Trolls About Her Weight In Sexy Instagram Pic

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is right around the corner and we are all anxiously waiting to hear who will be walking down that star studded runway this year. And now we know that at least one confirmed model for the iconic night is none other than drop dead gorgeous Bella Hadid! Bella shared the news of her accomplishment by posting a series of sexy shots of her on Instagram. In them, she posed in black lingerie and tall snake skin boots. After Bellz posted the pics, haters came at her, calling her too skinny and shaming her for her weight.

Lexi DiBenedetto

Lexi DiBenedetto thinks living in Los Angeles is a big adventure in itself! She learned how to drive in LA and confesses she’s painted her nails in the car! She loves working on the set of “Knight Squad” her and her cast-mates are always laughing while on set. She thinks the show touches on real life situations that are relatable to the show. Lexi breaks down her character’s style and her personal style! She also reveals her favorite storyline in the show, Ciara and Prudence! We play ‘This Or That – Squad Edition’ where Lexi tells us what she does with her friends during the week!

Rhyon Nicole Brown

Rhyon Nicole Brown stars in the hit show “Empire” with Taraji P. Henson and stars in the upcoming movie “Killers Anonymous” with Jessica Alba and Gary Oldman! Be sure to checkout Rhyon’s album ‘Pretty Girl’ where she confronts her “insecurities and struggles” through her songs!

Lauren Orlando

Lauren Orlando stars in the new movie “Next Level!” She’s only 13 but she has accomplished so much! She loves her hair extensions and all her friends from set. She’s very close friends with Hayden Summerall, Emily Skinner, and is now good friends with Chloe Lukasiak and Chloe East! She’s similar to her character but her character is a bit of a rebel and Lauren isn’t. Spoiler alert, Lauren sings in the movie!


Tony Moras got to sit down with Zico while he was in Los Angeles! Zico admits to us that he loves Drake and is inspired by him! He grew up listening to Drake and idolizes him. Zico shares with us that he is shocked to have a non-Korean fanbase. He is also known to do celebrity impressions, and he is great at them! Zico is very involved with his merchandise and told us that he is very happy with the look of his shirts! Fashion is very important to Zico, he feels that it’s a way to express yourself.

Lily James & Jessica Keenan

“Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” cast members Jessica Keenan Wynn and Lily James chatted with us while they were in Greece! Lily reveals to us that she is adventurous, like her character, but she does enjoy a night in too! Jessica spills all about her week off during filming and getting to explore Croatia on her own, with no plan! They chat with us about what filming the dance scenes are like and they play Hollywords with us about the film!

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