Jessie Paege shares her struggle with coming out on Youtube and how scary it was to post it publicly! Jessie explains that even though she feels better it’s all still very scary, and that she will never truly be done coming out. She says that pulling the badass move of dying her whole head pink, was another brave moment she has been able to conquer.


Nikita Dragun not only killed her Beautycon performance, but she also was a DOLL on the pink carpet. The beauty guru shares some realness behind the makeup and social media posts. She opens up about some upcoming beauty trends as well as her life behind the cameras. Nikita is a transgender makeup artist and beauty guru who started out on Instagram. She posted an emotional video about her transition in 2015 which went viral.


Betty Who discusses tour life, the humidiflyer, her new song, and tells us what exactly she’s cravin. 


We attended the Sense8 Finale premiere and got to speak to Tina Desai about her highlights, and people she would want to be connected to!

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