The Umbrella Academy

It may have rained in LA, but The Umbrella Academy was there to save the day! The highly anticipated premiere of season 1 of the Netflix series was a night to remember. Based on the graphic novel written by superstar Gerard Way (you might remember him from a band called My Chemical Romance), The Umbrella Academy is about a disbanded group of superheroes who reunite after their adoptive father dies. 

The whole cast hit the red carpet to celebrate the release of the show! Everyone from Ellen Page to Mary J. Blige strutted the red carpet in striking fashion, in an ode to their superhero characters. Rising stars were there as well, like Aidan Gallagher and Cameron Britton, who both play leads in the Netflix series. Kate Walsh was also in attendance who is set to have a recurring role in the show! 

Highlights of the night included a temporary tattoo station, a live violinist performance, and an in-house donut shop! Emmy Raver-Lampman, who plays Allison on the show, even tattooed fellow star Tom Hopper, and we’re a little jealous. 

Make sure to check out The Umbrella Academy when it launches globally on Netflix on February 15th! 

Katherine McNamara

Katherine McNamara, from the Shadowhunters series, reveals her celebrity crush! She also tells us about her first tattoo, her favorite memories on set, and her favorite show on Netflix! She loves her new role as Maya on Arrow! She describes her as a scrappy girl who you do not want to run into in a dark alley! She uses her combat training from Shadowhunters in her new role. She gives us a never been told story from the set Maze Runner: Death Cure with Dylan O’Brien!


The Westside cast reveal their expectations and the realities of filming the popular Netflix show. They tell us their insecurities, annoying habits, and how great it feels to be able to be themselves while filming the show! Thank you for joining Hollywire for an interview, Taz Zavala, Arika Gluck, and Sean Patrick Murray!

Israel Broussard

Israel Broussard from “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” and “Happy Death Day” came out to Knott’s Scary Farm with us! If he had to live in a horror movie plot it would be the original “It” !! He got totally scared at Knott’s when his friend did and when the roller coaster accelerator took off!

Debby Ryan

We chatted with Debby Ryan at the iHeart Radio Music Festival and got to congratulate her on being renewed for a second season of Insatiable!! Debby says she was in bed when found out about the news, and she said she was freaking out and excited!! She told us about how happy her family was when hearing the news and how supportive they have always been about career. We just had fellow Insatiable castmember, Kimmy Shields, in the studio for an interview and Debby said she saw it and loved it. She said that her and Kimmy have become the closest of friends and she thinks the cast of Insatiable is so special.

Tyler Alvarez

Tyler Alvarez, who plays Peter on “American Vandal”, tells us what it’s like to work with James Franco. He said he became best friends with star of “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”, Lana Condor, while on the set of their movie, “High School Lover”. Tyler would rather be roommates with James Franco because he could learn a lot from him. Tyler said he loves solving crimes on “American Vandal”, but he would love to someday be the vandal!

Shannon Purser

Shannon Purser, star of “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser,” rates her co-star Noah Centineo’s kiss an 11 out of 10! The connection with Noah was so real!! They shot the whole movie in 21 days. Noah drove her and Kristine Froseth home from set and they would blast music in the car. Shannon is convinced that her character ‘Barb’ form “Stranger Things” is dead! Barb was a fan favorite. She also is ‘Ethel’ on “Riverdale.” She was nervous to throw the milkshake on ‘Veronica Lodge’ played by Camila Mendes. She only had one take to throw the milkshake on ‘Veronica.’ She loves being on the set with the cast of “Riverdale.” She feels most similar to ‘Sierra’ but connected with ‘Barb’ on a spiritual level.

Kimmy Shields

Insatiable’s Kimmy Shields loved working with Debby Ryan on the Netflix show!! She thinks Debby is super intelligent and is an amazing person! The cast was great and Debby steered the ship! She worked with Brad Pitt and Donald Sutherland! Brad and Kimmy would goofy around during filming. She made a joke to him saying he should try acting as a profession!! LOL! Brad thought she was funny and is now on his radar! She also worked with Merritt Wever on the film “Charlie Says.”

Erinn Westbrook

Erinn Westbrook tells us that she became great friends with Debby Ryan while on the set of Insatiable! She said Arden Myrin is the craziest person on set, “she makes everyone smile.” She doesn’t relate to her character Magnolia’s problems but does relate to some of her personality trait; she’s very driven and so is Erinn! The bond between all of the cast members was great and very strong. She became very close with her on set dad, Christopher Gorham, and sometimes trolls him on Instagram by calling him dad!

Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan tells us everything about her ‘fat suit’ while working on “Insatiable.” She was a mascot in high school and says the outfit felt like a onesie. To Debby, insatiable means, an unfulfilled hunger that can take different forms depending on where we are at in our lives and who we surround ourselves with. Her favorite memory from the show is the whole show! She loved it all.

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