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Noah Centineo Tops Our List of HOTTEST Guys!!

These are the biggest heart throbs right now. You’re watching Hot on Hollywire. We can’t get enough of them, and any show is a little better when they’re in them. Let’s take a look at the biggest heart throbs of the moment right now.

Scotty Sire

Scotty Sire is in the Hollywire studio to chat life and career! Scotty started on Vine for fun and just loved entertaining people. He admits he a bit more reserved in person than in his videos. His music career is taking off, he doesn’t claim a specific style because he loves so many different types. He recently dropped an album called Ruin Your Party.

Maddie Ziegler Makes Our List of Hottest Bombshells!!

These are the hottest bombshells right now. They’re beautiful, witty, and you don’t wanna mess with them. These are the girls of the moment, the bombshells we can’t get enough. Zendaya Disney Channel star has came a long way from her debut show “Shake it Up.” Standing in at only 5 feet tall, Ariana Grande can make heads turn in any room she walks into. Maddie Ziegler is a talented dancer has proven to us that she can work it on and off the floor! Taylor Swift is a fan favorite and a total bombshell.

Demi Lovato CLAPSBACK at Haters Online!

These celebrities said what?! 5 epic times celebrities clapped back at online trolls. They get a lot of heat. Can you blame them if they don’t always keep their mouths shut? Remember what your mama taught ya – if you ain’t got something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. These are 5 epic times celebrities clap back at their online trolls.

Cierra Ramirez

Cierra Ramirez is in the Hollywire studio playing Hollyweird! She tells us about the weirdest makeup product she uses, a tiny makeup blender. Also, the weirdest thing she does on set, checkout crafty very often. She also shares with us the weirdest thing about her alter ego, Miss Thang has a lot of sass. Finally, she tells us the weirdest thing about Maia Mitchell, they filmed a music video together recreating Dua Lipa’s video!

Why Travis Scott bought Kylie Jenner an Engagement Ring!

What does Kylie Jenner’s rumored engagement ring look like? Are Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner finally engaged? Is this another promise ring like the one she had with Tyga or did Travis Scott propose? Find out more info on this Hot on Hollywire!

Peyton List

Peyton List is in the Hollywire studio playing Hollywire Polaroid. She opens up about how she got into acting. We also learn that Peyton loves Nutella, she loved traveling to Berlin and Italy, and we find out more about her twin brother. And finally, we get a glimpse into Peyton’s morning routine!

Loren Gray

Loren Gray is in the Hollywire studio paying Hollywire Polaroid. She tells us about the first time she was in the studio and her greatest accomplishment. Also, her biggest inspiration (Eminem) and her favorite dessert. We find out when her first kiss was and how it happened!

Francesca Capaldi

Francesca Capaldi is in the Hollywire studio to chat all about her life and career! She was a lead in the show “Dog With A Blog” and loved being on this show! She is also playing Connie in “Connie the Conjurer.” We play the 6 second challenge with Francesca and test her trivia knowledge!

Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo is in the Hollywire studio! This is a stylized retro interview shot in the VHS format. Malu is and international superstar you might have heard her song Hasta Luego with HRVY. We find out what Malu Trevejo favorite dance moves, hips. Her musical inspiration is Chris Brown. She loves brownies and lava cake. Her favorite city is New York because the people and the vibe. And finally, her celebrity crush is A$AP Rocky.

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