Marcus & Martinus

Marcus and Martinus got weird with us at Hollywire!! We asked the two what the weirdest thing to ever happen on stage was, and they both said it was when a fan broke their ribs during their performance! M&M said the weirdest outfit they wore on stage was a squirrel costume. Their weirdest thing they have in their rooms is bit of grass from a soccer field. They said the weirdest place they ever stayed at was a hotel that had an aquarium in it!!


At the iHeartRadio Musical Festival, Badflower is most excited to take a bath at their hotel rooms!? After a busy tour and performing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the band says they’re just excited to stay in their hotel rooms and get some much needed R&R. They even clued us in on what truck stop showers are. They ran into 5SOS but were too starstruck to say hi! Badflower says they’re most excited to see Fleetwood Mac perform.


Los Angeles-based band, Weathers, is finally here with their new music video, “The Night is Calling”! After the smashing success of the band’s first studio EP, their debut album, Kids of the Night was released earlier this summer. Weathers blew us away with their dreamy vocals and catchy beats. “The Night is Calling” tells the tale of empowerment while moving on from a toxic situation, and lead vocalist Cameron Boyer hopes the song and video reminds fans that when the night is calling, they can make it all better again. Weathers is currently on tour supporting the rock trio, Dreamers, and their album Kids of the Night can be purchased everywhere! 

Make sure to click the link above for exclusive access to their new music video, which is only being premiered on Hollywire for the next hour!!

The Vamps

Bradley Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball, and Tristan Evans are The Vamps! They craziest hotel experience they’ve had is when they threw an eclair at the window and had to pay to clean it! James loves to eat oranges! Manila was an amazing place they’ve ever performed, they fans were great, and they ran into the cast of “Beauty And The Beast” at the after party. They are excited to see Luke Bryan, Fleetwood Mac, Shawn Mendes, Logic, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Justin Timberlake at the iHeart Radio Festival.


MAX, the Tiny Shiny Slayer, performed at the iHeart Radio Festival in Las Vegas! He had an amazing time performing and thought the crowd was incredible. He proposed to his wife with his hit song ‘Lights Down Low.” He hung out with Galantis after the iHeart Radio show!!

Marcus & Martinus

Marcus & Martinus drop by the Hollywire studio! We can tell them apart because Marcus has longer hair and Martinus has a tiny mole on his lip. Their fans love to talk about their shoe size! They hung out with Jason Derulo, they have met him three times, and are going on tour with him!! They met him in Norway at a music studio a year ago, when he asked the twins to go on tour with him. Martinus teaches us some dance moves in the studio! They perform 19 songs per show!

Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes, Trevor Dahl, Matthew Russell, and Kevi, love their hit song ‘Let’s Talk About Sex.’ They tour in Europe a lot and they love it! “Cheat Codes” to them, means everything in life should be easy and they drop some major wisdom on us in the studio! They think The Chainsmokers do life and music just right. Cheat Codes love to throw money out to the crowd during their sets. Kevi has an 8 (All Too Easy) on his tooth! a little like Post Malone’s teeth. Their song ‘Only You’ with Little Mix is doing so well!! The song came together really fast for them because they were having fun making it! Kevi broke Trevor’s underwear and threw it into the crowd at a live show! Kevi’s dog @imprincessrosie goes on tour with them too and has her own Instagram profile!

Life of Dillon

Life of Dillon had a collaboration with Curtis Lepore to create their ‘Americans Girls’ music video. They met the Chainsmokers in Los Angeles and collaborated on the song ‘Overload’. They hung out with the Chainsmokers many times!! Joe Femi and David Keiffer, Life of Dillon members, have a great time collaborating on their own music! They get real about relationships and making it in the material world! They love going on tour but also love being in the studio, it’s just too hard to pick!

Louis the Child

Louis The Child thinks Kanye West is the biggest celebrity to come out of Chicago. The Chainsmokers asked Louis The Child to hangout backstage and then make a beat which turned into the hit song Closer. They have a dance move that they do on stage that they gave us a sample of in the studio! They love working with their friend Max! Check out their Instagram feed because their pictures are epic! They teach us how to create their cool pics. Louis The Child came up with their name by using Wikipedia! Louis The Child was a real person!


Sabrina Carpenter teaches some of her choreography moves as she premieres ‘Almost Love’ at Wango Tango!

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