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Latest Hollywood’s Celebrity News about Carson Lueders

How passionate a dreamer Carson Lueders is – we all know. Having started out his musical journey just at the age of five, he discovered music is what he loves. We had him on Hollywire studio and got an opportunity to explore him as a person and as an artist. The talk show eventually turned out to be a top Hollywood’s celebrity interview. Let’s just go through a quick introduction of Carson Lueders and discover what he talked about at Hollywire studio!

Carson Lueders had a huge success on his national television debut called The View where he strummed his guitar and sang alongside Keith Urban.  

“When everything started with music, I was super young. I would just cover my favorite songs. But through the years, I found my true self. I feel like my sound has really evolved and I love the music that I’m putting out,” he explains.

His audiences have seen him grow not only by age and height but also as an artist. He appears to be more learned and focused. From here emerges my next point that I would love to emphasize – this young boy is not limited to music but also revealed that he has a passion for acting as well.

Although he is very young and still pursuing his journey, his life is an inspiration for millions of young people. That’s the reason that his fanbase has substantially increased over the years. He stopped by Hollywire studio to talk about some cute facts about himself. Like the fact that the weirdest thing in his room is a microphone and he finds it very cool. Also, Carson Lueders talked about the weirdest things that he does when he is super bored. We absolutely loved what he talked about and are hoping that you would love him too. Watch out this latest Hollywood’s celebrity news in full here.

Why People Love Miley Cyrus? – Discover Latest Hollywood’s Celebrity News!

If you are a kind of person who has always been astounded with outrageous moves of Miley Cyrus, this post gonna change your mind. Miley Cyrus might be someone who gets criticised by her haters but there are plentiful amazing reasons that you will love her for. This latest Hollywood’s celebrity news is a true hook – read on!

Let’s begin with a special message for Miley Cyrus – “I love you because you are not afraid to be who you want to be! You inspire me everyday!” It’s from one of her million fans and it truly illustrates what sort of person Miley is.

What makes Miley most lovable among her fans is her courage to stay true to herself. With an I-don’t-give-a-f*** attitude, she has continued her journey of life and she seems to enjoy it a lot.

With this spirit and attitude, she keeps encouraging the teens to focus on their positive self-image and learn to appreciate their true self.

Well, there is also something charmingly beautiful about her – her voice! Get yourself free some day to listen to the magical voice of Miley Cyrus. Her choreographic skills may not be so good but she has got a lovely voice.

When you see her hairy armpits, crazy and outlandish outfits and, questionable behaviour, you might give up understanding what she is up to. But let’s turn the angle to a different direction to see how wonderful Miley is as a person.

Some vulnerable issues such as At Risk-Youth and LGBTQ have always exerted a strong influence on her. She openly concerns herself with these sensitive issues. Moreover, with lots of guts and boldness, she is always ready to voice and support other celebrities instead of putting them down.

One more surprising thing about Miley is her charitable nature and actions to which she has been committed to since she was a child. She has supported organisations like Red Cross, Get Ur Good On, and The Trevor Project. Additionally, she is popularly known for founding her own organisation called The Happy Hippie Foundation. So, there is a kind, compassionate and confident side to the seemingly awkward personality of Miley Cyrus. But, you have to believe that media avalanche of love and criticism for her is also because she is really admirable.

Hollywood’s Most Popular Celebrity Interview features Melissa Bolona at Hollywire Studio!

Very talented and successful model and actress Melissa Bolona came to Hollywire studio and chatted about her career and life. Before you view her in the spotlight on Hollywire studio, let’s just get into a little bit in her earlier life.

Many of you might like cookies a lot! But, do you know there is a cookie thing about Melissa Bolona also? That’s her nickname – Cookie Monster. Certainly, there are many more reasons other than this that cookie lovers will like her for.

Since the time she was just five, she started growing as a model and an actor. Eventually, she started getting paid off for her skills and hardwork. Some magazines offered her to be on the cover page and also she got the chance to make debut in the movie Grace of God as Cindy in 2014 and in Two Sides of Me as Herself in 2013 on the television.  

This was how she embarked on her career. Having that said, let us tell you that the latest Hollywood’s celebrity news unveils that she has recently done six films in eighteen months. Melissa, that’s truly unbelievable! 

Melissa Bolona has really put her sweat and soul in her career and therefore she has been able to attract great success toward her life.

With a pool of projects she did in the past months, it seems that she has been a mass demand. If we speculate that she is withdrawing a handsome amount of salary, we would not be wrong. Hollywood’s most popular celebrity interview featuring gorgeous and super talentedMelissa Bolona on Hollywire brings out into the open some really interesting facts. Like, her celebrity crush is Chris Martin from Coldplay! We also played “Truth or Dare” with her and it was when she had dared to act like her dog when it is happy, angry and when it pees. Guys, it was so much!! We know you don’t want to miss watching her. Here is her interview!

Everything You Must Know About Harley Quinn Smith – Latest Hollywood’s Celebrity News

The actress and daughter of actor Kevin Smith, Harley Quinn Smith is well-known for her movies Tusk and Yoga Hosers. This latest Hollywood’s celebrity news is all about the least known facts about the 19 years old actress. Here we go –

Harley started out as an actress at the age of 2 alongside her parents Kevin Smith and Jennifer Schwalbach Smith in the movie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. She continued with movies such as Jersey Girl (2004) and Clerks II (2006) directed by her father.

She is doing wonderfully well in the movies with support of her dad, but Harley wanted to be a professional bass guitarist. Her passion and love can be seen, however, for acting now.

The actress who grew up with a dream of becoming a bass guitarist was once a hardcore emo. She loved being a dark personality and used to put up dark make up and wore shirts that didn’t fit.

Harley Quinn Smith is a vegan and is really concerned for the rights of animals. She even prides to stand for those who feel or are weaker. 

Top Hollywood’s celebrity interview performed recently at Hollywire Studio lets out some compelling facts about her life and career.

The young actress reveals that she had an awkward fan moment at Disneyland. She talked about her fave pet which is a bunny. Not just this, but she also told what it’s like working with and being directed by her dad. It would be a great deal if you miss watching her. Click here for the fun interview!

3 Top Celebrities Shared Their Interesting Secrets! – Discover Latest Hollywood’s Celebrity News

We are always curious about every move of popular Hollywood celebrities – be it’s a singer, actor or TV star.  Which movie are they next looking to? What has been their experience on a movie set? Who is their crush? It goes on and on.

To unravel such interesting secrets, Hollywire has invited and welcomed Katherine McNamara, Jade Pettyjohn, and Travis Mills recently! Let’s take a glance at the fun for the fans these Hollywood’s most popular celebrity interviews offer.

Katherine McNamara is taking up a role as Maya in ‘Arrow’ season 7 and she just loves this role. She talks about what this character is all about. Katherine also talks exclusively about an interesting story on the set Maze Runner: Death Cure with Dylan O’Brien. Can’t wait to know more? Watch out the full interview here.

Hey guys, do you like Timothée Chalamet? You must be wondering why we are talking about him here…Well, he is someone our next guest also likes a lot. Jade Pettyjohn has a crush on Timothée Chalamet! The star School of Rock and Destroyer, Jade Pettyjohn reveals a couple of other intriguing things about herself. Discover what more this latest Hollywood’s celebrity news uncovers about Jade Pettyjohn’s life.

Watch out now! “Everything that I have in my life comes from music” – Travis Mills. Got the idea how much Travis Mills is passionate about music? Well, there is a bunch of things he discloses he is passionate about at Hollywire studio; like the show, he is hosting on Apple Music called Beats 1. Don’t miss out; watch now the complete talk show here.

Twenty One Pilots & More Hit The Red Carpet at the iHeart Radio ALTer EGO Fest!

We were lucky enough to cover this year’s iHeart Radio ALTer Ego Music Festival! The red carpet was the place to be as all the biggest stars were hitting the carpet before and after their performances. 

The duo, Matt & Kim, showed up to the carpet just after their performance at the pre-show festival. The two were energetic and adorable as ever, still hyped off of the remaining endorphins from their performance. Kim said that she was most excited to see Weezer perform that night and we definitely agree! 

We were also graced by the presences of a few our of favorite reality TV stars. Wells Adams from “Bachelor In Paradise” greeted us and even united with his longtime boo, Sarah Hyland, on the carpet. Wells played a short game of ‘Never Have I Ever” with us and admitted that he’s slid into someone’s DM’s before, even saying that that was how he met his current girlfriend! 

One of our favorite appearances of the night was undoubtedly Weezer! All of us here at Hollywire are longtime fans and were so excited to meet such an iconic group. Keeping to their quirky casualness, the band could’ve been mistaken for a group of Dad’s who wondered onto the carpet. The rockstars were quick with interviews, but stopped to tell us their 2019 new years resolutions. Frontman, Rivers Cuomo, said that he did have a resolution but by the second week into the year he had already forgotten it! 

The night on the carpet was well-spent, seeing everyone from Twenty One Pilots to Audrina Patridge. We’re already looking forward to the next iHeart Radio event and hoping for another epic lineup! 

The SEXIEST Looks From The People’s Choice Awards!!

The People’s Choice Awards was a star studded event! We breakdown the best celebrity looks! Some people to grace the PCA carpet were Sabrina Carpenter, Mila Kunis, Shay Mitchell, Camila Mendes, and of course Kim Kardashian!

JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa Talks Nick Cannon And Lip Sync Battle Shorties! Nick Cannon is like an older brother to JoJo! He surprised her with a huge bear hug at the Teen Choice Awards! She is wearing the pants from her music video High Top Shoes! She has many hidden talents!! She would love to see choice ‘bow rocker’ at the TCA’s or choice super-fan! She would take a TCA surfboard to the beach and surf!!


Jackie Aina talks about being a pro at BeautyCon, even though she had her first panel this year. The beauty guru stunned in a floral romper that she decided on TWO HOURS before! She is a professional makeup artist gone Youtube Superstar who’s goal is to not only make men and women look good, but to feel good! More power to ya Jackie!


We caught up with Emily Osment at the Blue Diamond Gala! The TV & Music star talks soccer days, growing up at the Dodgers Stadium and new music!

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