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Demi Lovato CLAPSBACK at Haters Online!

These celebrities said what?! 5 epic times celebrities clapped back at online trolls. They get a lot of heat. Can you blame them if they don’t always keep their mouths shut? Remember what your mama taught ya – if you ain’t got something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. These are 5 epic times celebrities clap back at their online trolls.

Latest Hollywood’s Celebrity News about Social Media Moments of Famous Hollywood Celebs

The activities of Hollywood Celebrities on Social media give out hints of “what is on their mind?”. Whom posts they are commenting on? What could their comments mean? We have a list of latest hooks that were caused by the social media moments of some popular celebrities. Follow this post till the end!

Loved Riverdale? Or let’s ask it this way – Loved Bughead?  

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse’s Instagram moves show up cute inclinations that they are dating each other. Remember the time when Lili updated her IG story with moments she and Cole were watching eclipse? Also, the time when she wrote a “happy birthday” post that was captioned something like this – “It seems as if the world would still be a stranger to me, if not for you. I’m so thankful that our paths intertwined to form this beautiful adventure…Happy birthday, my love.”

It doesn’t end here! Latest Hollywood’s celebrity news captures Cole as well commenting on Lili’s Instagram posts many times. Here is the complete story!

Things are likewise even for many other celebrities who took themselves to put thirsty comments on their boo’s sexy snaps. Ben Simmons tops this list. He has been caught up commenting on model and Television star Kendall Jenner IG post where she is wearing a bikini.

And Ben’s comment looked like “Come here”… Lili let us know that Ben is her man!

Raise your hand if you love – Camila and Charles – together! Earlier Camila confirmed their relationship on IG by posting an adorable picture. And till date, they keep posting thirsty comments on each other’s posts.    Justin Bieber also makes our thirsty celebrity comments on social media list! Don’t miss the fun, click here for full details!

All the Deets on Zendaya & Drake’s New HBO Show!!

Fans went CRAZY over Zendaya’s Instagram post about her new HBO show, Euphoria. Now the clip was INCREDIBLY short, but you can already tell the mysterious vibe of the show. This new drama is centered around high school students as they try to juggle their social lives, love, friendship, social media and identity. So totally relatable! Zendaya is set to play the lead, Rue, a drug-addicted 17 year old who is struggling to figure out life. Drake and Future are set to produce the show. This is going to be a crazy new series that seems like our next binge watch. The cast also has Jacob Elordi from Netflix’s popular movie ‘The Kissing Booth’ and Sydney Sweeny from Handmaid’s Tale.

Selena Gomez just STOLE Beyoncé’s spot as queen!!

The pictures of Selena’s 26th birthday have stolen the spot of being the fastest user to get to 1 million likes on an Instagram from none other than Queen B, Beyoncé, herself! And it only took a whole 3 minutes for Selena’s pictures to reach a million! Even though Selena is the most followed person on instagram, Kylie Jenner may make up to 1 million dollars for a single Instagram post!

You Can Finally MUTE People on Instagram

Have you heard about the new Instagram feature? How do you feel about it?

Has KANYE Ditched his Phone?

Kanye West hasn’t been responding to his friends calls or texts for WEEKS and there’s a very specific reason why…

Celebs React to LAUREL VS YANNY

Remember #TheDress? The dress was the debate that tore the internet apart. The discussion was did you see white and gold or blue and black? Well now it’s happening again with Laurel vs. Yanny! Interestingly enough, this was first discovered by a student who was writing a paper. The student looked up the word “laurel” to hear the pronunciation, but was completely surprised when she heard the word “yanny.” So she posted it on her Instagram story as a poll and was stunned when she saw the results were split down the middle. It has since taken the internet by storm. The Laurel vs. Yanny controversy has even reached the celebs!

CARDI B Deletes Her Instagram Because of Azealia Banks?

CARDI B Deletes Her Instagram because of Azealia Banks?

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