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Dopesickand ended after an eight-episode season on November 17, 2021. Dopesick has one main focus, that being opioid addiction. Opioid addiction is such a huge problem in the world, and Dopesick tries to talk about the different people opioid addiction is affecting.

Dopesick starts off following a doctor played by Michael Keaton. The doctor is the best family doctor and likely one anyone would want taking care of them. Though he eventually ends up in front of a grand jury. While in front of the jury the prosecutor proceeds to ask him how his patients have reacted to the pain killer Oxycontin. And the horrible and chilling reply he relays to the jury is that most of the people are dead now.

The show Dopesick tackles the opioid crisis from a variety of different angles. The first angle mentioned is doctors and patients that are using the drug. The show speaks about the addiction that stems from it and how it affects these people taking the drug. The next angle spoke about, is Purdue Pharma. In this portion of the series, it speaks about law enforcement officers and prosecutors that are trying to hold Purdue Pharma accountable for the opioid problem in the world. The last angle mentioned in this series is the drugmaker itself. Dopesick makes sure to cover all of the important factors that go into opioid addiction. It takes many different factors to get opioids into the hands of users, and it all stems from the manufacturers. That is why prosecutors want to hold Purdue Pharma accountable.

Overall, Dopesick is extremely informative about the dangers of opioid addiction and how serious the problem is. This miniseries has overall received a pretty good rating. Critics have praised the creators of this miniseries as it was extremely helpful in helping viewers understand the seriousness of addiction.

  • Season 1 (2021)

    E.1 – “First Bottle

    E.2 – “Breakthrough Pain

    E.3 – “The 5th Vital Sign

    E.4 – “Pseudo-Addiction

    E.5 – “The Whistleblower

    E.6 – “Hammer the Abusers

    E.7 – “Black Box Warning

    E.8 – “The People vs. Purdue Pharma

Critical response
Rotten Tomatoes reported an 88% approval rating with an average rating of 7.4/10, based on 64 critic reviews. Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned a score of 68 out of 100 based on 25 critics.

Kristen Baldwin of Entertainment Weekly gave the series an A-. Reviewing the series for USA Today, Kelly Lawler gave a rating of 3 out of 4 stars.


Michael Keaton as Dr. Samuel Finnix
Peter Sarsgaard as Rick Mountcastle
Michael Stuhlbarg as Richard Sackler
Will Poulter as Billy Cutler
John Hoogenakker as Randy Ramseyer
Kaitlyn Dever as Betsy Mallum
Rosario Dawson as Bridget Meyer


Jake McDorman as John Brownlee
Ray McKinnon as Jerry Mallum
Cleopatra Coleman as Grace Pell
Raúl Esparza as Paul Mendelson
Will Chase as Michael Friedman
Phillipa Soo as Amber Collins
Mare Winningham as Diane Mallum
Lawrence Arancio as Raymond Sackler
Jaime Ray Newman as Kathe Sackler
Arischa Conner as Leah Turner
Ian Unterman as Jonathan Sackler
Brendan Patrick Connor as Howard Udell
Andrea Frankle as Beth Sackler
Winsome Brown as Theresa Sackler
Alan Campbell as Dr. Paul Goldenheim
Rebecca Wisocky as Cynthia McCormick
Meagen Fay as Sister Beth Davies
Trevor Long as Rudy Giuliani
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