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Did Machine Gun Kelly “Drain” Megan Fox?

Apr 18
Did Machine Gun Kelly “Drain” Megan Fox?
Hollywire Team

Did Machine Gun Kelly “Drain” Megan Fox?

In a candid moment, Megan Fox offers sage advice to single ladies gearing up for a hot girl summer, drawing from her own experiences following the end of her engagement with Machine Gun Kelly.

During an Instagram Q&A session, Megan was prompted to share words of wisdom for women embarking on their solo journey. With a hint of irony, she confessed, “Just learn a skill or develop a hobby and do not waste your energy on boys. All they’re gonna [sic] do is drain you. Just move on. Invest in yourself.” Her blunt yet empowering message struck a chord, resonating with women navigating the complexities of modern romance.

Interestingly, Machine Gun Kelly chimed in on the conversation, showing solidarity with Megan’s sentiment by simply commenting, “PREACH.” The irony wasn’t lost on followers, who couldn’t help but chuckle at the acknowledgment, considering Megan’s advice seemed to indirectly reference their own relationship dynamics.

Did Machine Gun Kelly

The status of Megan and MGK’s relationship has been a topic of speculation, particularly after Megan confirmed their engagement had come to an end. Despite their breakup, Megan remains tight-lipped about their current status, emphasizing that their relationship is not meant for public consumption. She echoed this sentiment on the Call Her Daddy podcast, leaving fans intrigued about the intricacies of their dynamic.

Meanwhile, MGK’s response to the breakup has been marked by introspection and self-expression. He candidly admitted to “started smoking again” amidst life’s uncertainties, even undergoing a transformative journey by adorning himself with blackout tattoos across his arms, chest, and torso. His new song, “Don’t Let Me Go,” serves as a poignant reflection of his emotional state during this period of transition.

As Megan and MGK navigate the aftermath of their split, their public personas continue to captivate audiences, sparking intrigue and speculation about the intricacies of love, loss, and self-discovery in the limelight.

Did Machine Gun Kelly

Top 3 Megan Fox Drama Moments:

  1. Transformers Controversy: Megan Fox made headlines during her time on the set of “Transformers” due to her comments about director Michael Bay. In a 2009 interview with Wonderland magazine, she compared Bay to Hitler, sparking controversy and rumors of a feud between them. This led to her being fired from the franchise.
  2. Brian Austin Green Divorce: Megan Fox’s divorce from actor Brian Austin Green garnered significant attention, especially when rumors surfaced alleging infidelity on her part with Machine Gun Kelly, her co-star in “Midnight in the Switchgrass.” The speculation fueled tabloid headlines and social media debates, contributing to the drama surrounding their separation.
  3. #MeToo Revelation: In 2018, Megan Fox opened up about her experiences with sexual harassment in Hollywood, sharing her own #MeToo stories. While not directly embroiled in controversy herself, her revelations added to the ongoing conversation about misconduct in the entertainment industry and sparked discussions about the treatment of women in Hollywood.

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