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Fear the Walking Dead

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Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead, a post-apocalyptic horror drama created for Amazon Prime Video by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson, aired for the very first time August 23, 2015. Since season one has aired, it has renewed for a total of seven seasons so far. Season two aired April 10, 2016. The third season aired June 4, 2017. Season four aired April 15, 2018. The fifth season aired June 2, 2019. Season six aired October 11, 2020. And season seven aired October 17, 2021. Since season seven’s release, it has renewed for an eighth season.

Fear the Walking Dead is based on comic books called Fear the Walking Dead. The first three seasons of this show follow a family in California right as the zombie apocalypse hits. It shows the family trying to navigate the new world of trying to survive. This series actually has one of the recurring characters from the original The Walking Dead crossover into Fear the Walking Dead. The character that crosses over is Morgan Jones.

These two series are generally the same, other than the fact that they take place in two different places, on two different coasts. They originally started out in California, later moving on to Mexico to find people they believe may have survived. Though most of the seasons follow the family from California, in recent seasons it follows Morgan Jones and his journey.

Since Fear the Walking Dead aired, it received some good and some mediocre reviews. The first two seasons received a lower rating than the seasons that follow. Critics state that some of the seasons don’t equal up to the original Walking Dead, and that they are just reusing the material. Though other critics have stated that the cast of this series is absolutely incredible and that the spinoff is more artful than the original series is. Overall reviews have been mixed.

  • Season One

    S1 E1 路 Days Gone Bye: Best of Morgan Edition

    S1 E2 路 What’s Your Story?: Best of Morgan Edition

    S1 E3 路 The Code: Best of Morgan Edition

    S1 E4 路 210 Words Per Minute: Best of Morgan Edition

    S1 E5 路 End of the Line: Best of Morgan Edition

    S1 E6 路 The End Is the Beginning: Best of Morgan Edition

    S1 E7 路 Here’s Not Here: Best of Morgan Edition

  • Season Two

    S2 E15 路 North
    S2聽E14 路 Wrath
    S2聽E13 路 Date of Death
    S2聽E12 路 Pillar of Salt
    S2聽E11 路 Pablo & Jessica
    S2聽E10 路 Do Not Disturb
    S2聽E9 路 Los Muertos
    S2聽E8 路 Grotesque
    S2聽E7 路 Shiva
    S2聽E6 路 Sicut Cervus
    S2聽E5 路 Captive
    S2聽E4 路 Blood in the Streets
    S2聽E3 路 Ouroboros
    S2聽E2 路 We All Fall Down
    S2聽E1 路 Monster
  • Season Three

    S3 E16 路 Sleigh Ride
    S3聽E15 路 Things Bad Begun
    S3聽E14 路 El Matadero
    S3聽E13 路 This Land Is Your Land
    S3聽E12 路 Brother’s Keeper
    S3聽E11 路 La Serpiente
    S3聽E10 路 The Diviner
    S3聽E9 路 Minotaur
    S3聽E8 路 Children of Wrath
    S3聽E7 路 The Unveiling
    S3聽E6 路 Red Dirt
    S3聽E5 路 Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame
    S3聽E4 路 100
    S3聽E2 路 The New Frontier
    S3聽E1 路 Eye of the Beholder
  • Season Four

    S4 E16 路 … I Lose Myself
    S4聽E15 路 I Lose People…
    S4聽E14 路 MM 54
    S4聽E13 路 Blackjack
    S4聽E12 路 Weak
    S4聽E11 路 The Code
    S4聽E10 路 Close Your Eyes
    S4聽E9 路 People Like Us
    S4聽E8 路 No One’s Gone
    S4聽E7 路 The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now
    S4聽E6 路 Just in Case
    S4聽E5 路 Laura
    S4聽E4 路 Buried
    S4聽E3 路 Good Out Here
    S4聽E2 路 Another Day in the Diamond
    S4聽E1 路 What’s Your Story?
  • Season Five

    S5 E16 路 End of the Line
    S5聽E15 路 Channel 5
    S5聽E14 路 Today and Tomorrow
    S5聽E13 路 Leave What You Don’t
    S5聽E12 路 Ner Tamid
    S5聽E11 路 You’re Still Here
    S5聽E10 路 210 Words Per Minute
    S5聽E9 路 Channel 4
    S5聽E8 路 Is Anybody Out There?
    S5聽E7 路 Still Standing
    S5聽E6 路 The Little Prince
    S5聽E5 路 The End of Everything
    S5聽E4 路 Skidmark
    S5聽E3 路 Humbug’s Gulch
    S5聽E2 路 The Hurt That Will Happen
    S5聽E1 路 Here to Help
  • Season Six

    S6 E16 路 The Beginning
    S6聽E15 路 USS Pennsylvania
    S6聽E14 路 Mother
    S6聽E13 路 Episode 13
    S6聽E12 路 Episode 12
    S6聽E11 路 The Holding
    S6聽E10 路 Handle With Care
    S6聽E9 路 Things Left to Do
    S6聽E8 路 The Door
    S6聽E7 路 Damage from the Inside
    S6聽E6 路 Bury Her Next to Jasper’s Leg
    S6聽E5 路 Honey
    S6聽E4 路 Episode 4
    S6聽E3 路 Alaska
    S6聽E2 路 Welcome to the Club
    S6聽E1 路 The End Is the Beginning
  • Season Seven

    S7 E16 路 Episode 16
    S7聽E15 路 Amina
    S7聽E14 路 Divine Providence
    S7聽E13 路 Episode 13
    S7聽E12 路 Episode 12
    S7聽E11 路 Ofelia
    S7聽E10 路 Episode 10
    S7聽E9 路 Episode 9
    S7聽E8 路 Episode 8
    S7聽E7 路 Episode 7
    S7聽E6 路 Episode 6
    S7聽E5 路 Episode 5
    S7聽E4 路 Breathe With Me
    S7聽E3 路 Cindy Hawkins
    S7聽E2 路 Six Hours
    S7聽E1 路 The Beacon

This series has received pretty positive reviews.


Kim Dickens聽as聽Madison Clark

Cliff Curtis聽as聽Travis Manawa

Frank Dillane聽as聽Nicholas “Nick” Clark

Alycia Debnam-Carey聽as聽Alicia Clark

Elizabeth Rodriguez as Elizabeth “Liza” Ortiz

Mercedes Mason聽as聽Ofelia Salazar

Lorenzo James Henrie as Christopher “Chris” Manawa

Rub茅n Blades聽as聽Daniel Salazar

Colman Domingo聽as聽Victor Strand

Michelle Ang as Alex

Danay Garc铆a as Luciana Galvez聽

Daniel Sharman as Troy Otto

Sam Underwood as Jeremiah “Jake” Otto Jr.

Dayton Callie as Jeremiah Otto Sr.

Lisandra Tena as Lola Guerrero

Maggie Grace as Althea “Al” Szewczyk-Przygocki

Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie

Lennie James聽as聽Morgan Jones

Jenna Elfman as June “Naomi/Laura” Dorie

Alexa Nisenson as Charlie

Karen David as Grace Mukherjee

Austin Amelio聽as聽Dwight

Mo Collins as Sarah Rabinowitz

Colby Hollman as Wes

Zoe Colletti as Dakota

Christine Evangelista as Sherry

Keith Carradine as John Dorie Sr.

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