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Made for Love

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    HBO Max
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Made for Love

Made for Love, an American sci-fi created for HBO Max by Alissa Nutting, Dean Bakopoulos, Patrick Somerville, and Christina Lee, aired for the first time April 1, 2021. A few months after the first season aired, it renewed for a second season. The second season aired April 28, 2022. After the second season aired, the creators announced that the show didn’t renew for another season.

Made for Love follows a woman who was in a long and suffocating relationship. She was in this relationship for 10 years and finally escaped from the man. What she doesn’t know though, is the lengths he would go to in order to track her every move. Her husband is a tech billionaire and is absolutely insane. She ends up finding out her husband had put a tracking device on her. Though, he went one step further and actually implanted the device in her brain. The device doesn’t just track her location though.

Through this device, he is able to see her current location, watch everything she is doing live, and he can know the exact emotions that she is feeling at a certain time. Made for Love follows her life as she tries to escape the hold he has on her. And follows her journey to try and regain her independence.

Since Made for Love aired, it has received many positive reviews from critics. Many critics have stated that this show is extremely original, They have also stated that the performances in this series were absolutely incredible. They also praised the main actress for her comedic timing and stated how great she was in this series. Overall, this series seemed is a huge hit. The main reason why this series didn’t renew for another season, is because of the merge with Warner Bros. which is HBO Max’s parent company.

  • Season One

    S1 E1 · User One
    S1 E2 · Episode 2
    S1 E3 · I Want This Thing Out of My Head
    S1 E4 · I Want a New Life
    S1 E5 · Episode 5
    S1 E6 · Episode 6
    S1 E7 · Episode 7
    S1 E8 · Episode 8
  • Season Two

    S2 E1 · Episode 1
    S2 E2 · We’re Losing Time
    S2 E3 · Diane… We’re in Trouble
    S2 E4 · Another Byron, Another Hazel
    S2 E5 · You’re Not the First
    S2 E6 · Alice? Are You Listening?
    S2 E7 · Under Open Sky
    S2 E8 · Hazel vs. Hazel

This series has received extremely positive reviews.


Cristin Milioti as Hazel Green

Billy Magnussen as Byron Gogol

Dan Bakkedahl as Herringbone

Noma Dumezweni as Fiffany

Ray Romano as Herbert Green

Augusto Aguilera as the Liver

Caleb Foote as Bennett Hobbes

Sarunas J. Jackson as Jay / Jasper


Patti Harrison as Bangles de la Morga

Kym Whitley as Judiff

Dutch Johnson as Bruce

Raymond Lee as Keefus / Jeff

Angela Lin as Dr. Hau 

Ashley Madekwe as Zelda

Chris Diamantopoulos as Agent Hank Walsh

Travis Van Winkle as Aaron Benson

James Urbaniak as Gogol interviewer

Guest stars

Paula Abdul as Anydoors 

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