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The Staircase

True Crime
  • Seasons

  • Tv Network

    HBO Max
  • Premiere


The Staircase

The Staircase, an American true crime miniseries made for HBO Max by Antonio Campos, aired for the first time May 5, 2022, on HBO Max. Inspired and based on the true crime series by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade also called The Staircase. The original aired back in 2004.  Based on the true story of Michael and Kathleen Peterson.

The Staircase follows an investigation and the life of a writer that murdered his wife Kathleen Peterson by bludgeoning her to death. They found her dead in their home laying at the bottom of their staircase back in the year 2001. Michael Peterson, a crime novelist, is believed to have bludgeoned his wife Kathleen Peterson to death.

The Staircase shows a montage of happy moments along with absolutely miserable moments between Michael and Kathleen. Scenes of them laughing together, then scenes of them absolutely tearing each other apart. It shows the life of Michael and Kathleen before she ended up dead and how she said there were going to be better days ahead of them. Well cut to a later scene, Michael is telling 911 that his wife fell down the stairs and had an accident. In the series, you also see the forensic aspect of Kathleen’s murder. It shows the forensic specialist doing his job and people saying what crime they think happened.

This series is not all based on the present time. The Staircase strives to show what their life was like before Kathleen passed away. And then show what the investigation was like and the behind-the-scenes of the trial. After the series aired it actually received really positive reviews. Most critics stated that this series did a really great job at making every episode intriguing. They did state that is wasn’t as heart-pounding as they thought it would be. But nonetheless, it told a good story and didn’t use boring filler.

  • Season One


    Michael Peterson calls 911 after supposedly finding Kathleen dead from an accident.


    Family doubts Michael after finding out hes been lying.

    “The Great Dissembler”

    The team arrives in Durham to start filming the documentary.

    “Common Sense”

    There is an unexpected homecoming.

    “The Beating Heart”

    We see the aftermath of the verdict.

    “Red in Tooth and Claw”

    A new theory comes about.

    “Seek and Ye Shall”

    A body with similar injuries turns up and suspicion sets in even more.

    “America’s Sweetheart or: Time Over Time”

    The possibility of a retrial.


Colin Firth as Michael Peterson

Toni Collette as Kathleen Peterson

Michael Stuhlbarg as David Rudolf

Dane DeHaan as Clayton Peterson

Olivia DeJonge as Caitlin Atwater

Patrick Schwarzenegger as Todd Peterson

Sophie Turner as Margaret Ratliff

Odessa Young as Martha Ratliff

Rosemarie DeWitt as Candace Hunt Zamperini

Tim Guinee as Bill Peterson

Parker Posey as Freda Black

Juliette Binoche as Sophie Brunet.

Vincent Vermignon as Jean-Xavier


Joel McKinnon Miller as Larry Pollard

Maria Dizzia as Lori Campbell

Susan Pourfar as Dr. Deborah Radisch

Justice Leak as Tom Maher

Robert Crayton as Ron Guerette

Cullen Moss as Jim Hardin

Cory Scott Allen as Art Holland

Jason Davis as Fred Atwater

Ryan Lewis as Bruce Campbell

Hannah Pniewski as Becky

Kevin Sizemore as Mark Zamperini

Trini Alvarado as Patricia Sue Peterson

Daniela Lee as Devon

Teri Wyble as Sonya Pfeiffer

Frank Feys as Denis Poncet

Andre Martin as Yves

Jean-Luc McMurtry as Gaultier

Monika Gossmann as Agnes

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