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The Wilds

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    Amazon Prime Video
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The Wilds

The Wilds is an American drama series on Amazon Prime Video, created by Sarah Streicher. This show follows a group of teenage girls (Season One) and a group of boys (Season two) all from different backgrounds after they became stranded on a deserted island following a plane crash. Their plane crashes into the ocean leaving them stuck and trying to survive.  The first season aired on amazon prime video on December 11, 2020. Since the release of The Wilds, in 2020 the show has received all-around great reviews. The reviews were based on the writing, plot, and overall performance.

In The Wilds after fighting for their life and struggling to find food, they discover they are not the only ones that are on this island. On another neighboring island, a group of boys are also fighting for their lives. They begin to get skeptical about how and why they ended up on this island. With hallucinations and huger taking full effect, the blame for the accident begins to be pointed at others. They start to believe there is no way this was a freak accident. They believe this has to be a setup.

Throughout The Wilds, the girls struggle with hunger and hallucinations. However, the boys struggle with a dangerous predator that puts all of their lives at risk. Throughout the show, you see flashbacks of the characters and who they were before the crash. This gives you a look into why they are acting the way they do in this stressful situation.

When it comes to the 2 season Amazon Prime Video series, it has overall gained a good rating on Rotten Tomatoes and other popular critic sites. The Wilds is a great watch according to many critics. This rating is based on the overall writing of the show, and the actors performances.

  • Season 1 (2020)

    E.1 – “Day One
    En route to the Dawn of Eve retreat in Hawaii, nine teenage girls — end up stranded on a remote island when their plane crashes into the ocean. The show follows crash survivor Leah who lives to tell the whole ordeal.

    E.2 – “Day Two

    The crash survivors are still in shock following Jeanettes death. While no one else seems to be doing anything, Rachel decides to get a lay of the island.

    E.3 – “Day Three

    Three of the survivors Leah, Rachel, and Nora decide to swim out to where the plane wrecked to see if any supplies can be salvaged. The other survivors search for shelter.

    E.4 – “Day Six

    A friendly contest to see who can build the best shelter quickly turns bad.

    E.5 – “Day Seven

    When one of the survivors mysteriously goes missing. The other survivors go on a hunt to locate her.

    E.6 – “Day Twelve

    A mysterious illness spreads on the island effecting all of the survivors health. In this episode we see how Leah has been holding up singe the accident.

    E.7 – “Day Fifteen

    A high tide threatens the survivors camp causing them to relocate. Leah is still confused on how they got to this island and thinks there has to be more to the story. She ultimately ends up blaming another survivor.

    E.8 – “Day Sixteen

    The survivors decide to let loose as they figure that rescue is just around the corner. One girl however, isn’t in the mood to let loose due to her past.

    E.9 – “Day Twenty-Two

    Starvation is starting to become more real aa the days go on. Leas paranoia gets the best of her.

    E.10 – “Day Twenty-Two

    Leah strives to prove that she is not paranoid and that someone is in fact behind their accident. They start feeling better now that they have food.

  • Season 2 (2022)

    E.1 – “Day 30 / 1

    The survivors grieve the loss of one of their own and learn they are not the only ones stranded. There is a group of males also stuck in the same predicament on a different island.

    E.2 – “Day 34 / 12

    The girls struggle to adjust to their new camp and the boys struggle as they are running out of food.

    E.3 – “Day 36 / 14

    When the girls have a near death experience, they feel a little shaken up. In flashbacks we learn more about the boys and why they don’t trust easily.

    E.4 – “Day 42 / 15

    The boys plan an attack against their dangerous predator while the girls throw a birthday party at their camp.

    E.5 – “Day 45 / 16

    An incident happens on the boys island, changing their lives forever. The girls make a shocking discovery in Nora’s journal.

    E.6 – “Day 46 / 26

    The boys find a criminal amongst the camp and expel them wondering how much mercy to show. Leahs mind continues to play tricks on her.

    E.7 – “Day 50 / 33

    The girls relocate their camp, while the boys decide to call a truce.

    E.8 – “Exodus

    All the girls on the island are struggling trying to figure out the truth and find peace. While the boys contemplate going on a dangerous mission.

Critical response

On Rotten Tomatoes, the first season received a rating of 92% based on 25  different critic reviews, with an average rating of 7.30/10. The website’s critics consensus reads, “An addictive thriller that also captures the complex lives of teenage girls, The Wilds is worth getting lost in.” Metacritic gave the first season a score of 76 out of 100 based on 11 critic reviews.

Kristen Baldwin of Entertainment Weekly gave the series a B+. Chicago Sun-Times gave the series 3.5 out of 4 stars. The show has received praise from critics and advocacy groups for its diverse cast, which includes indigenous and queer characters, and same-sex relationships.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the second season holds a rating of 80% based on 20 critic reviews, with an average rating of 6.6/10. The second season received a score of 62 out of 100 on Metacritic based on 9 critics.


The Wilds was nominated for the Outstanding Drama Series category for the GLAAD Media Awards in 2021.



Sophia Ali who plays Fatin Jadmani
Shannon Berry who plays Dot Campbell
Jenna Clause who plays Martha Blackburn
Reign Edwards who plays Rachel Reid
Mia Healey who plays Shelby Goodkind
Helena Howard who plays Nora Reid
Erana James who plays Toni Shalifoe
Sarah Pidgeon who plays Leah Rilke
David Sullivan who plays Daniel Faber
Troy Winbush who plays Dean Young
Rachel Griffiths who plays Gretchen Klein
Charles Alexander who plays Kirin O’Conner (season 2)
Zack Calderon who plays Rafael Garcia (season 2)
Nicholas Coombe who playsJosh Herbert (season 2)
Alex Fitzalan who plays Seth Novak (season 2)
Miles Gutierrez-Riley who plays Ivan Taylor (season 2)
Aidan Laprete who plays Henry Tanaka (season 2)
Tanner Ray Rook who plays Bo Leonard (season 2)
Reed Shannon who plays Scotty Simms (season 2)


James Fraser who plays Ian Murnen
Jarred Blakiston who plays Alex
Jen Huang who plays Susan
Joe Witkowski who plays Thom
Elliott Giarola who plays Devon Klein (season 2)


Chi Nguyen who plays Linh Bach
Carter Hudson who plays Jeffrey Galanis (season 1)
Greg Bryk who plays Tim Campbell (season 1)
Shane Callahan who plays James Reid (season 1)
Ddé Dionne Gipson who plays Angela Reid (season 1)
Jose Velazquez who plays Mateo (season 1)
Bella Shepard who plays Regan (season 1)
Poorna Jagannathan who plays Rana Jadmani, Fatin’s mother
Alireza Ghadiri who plays Ahmad Jadmani, Fatin’s father
Warren Kole who plays Dave Goodkind, Shelby’s father.
Stefania LaVie Owen who plays Becca Gilroy
Bonnie Soper who plays JoBeth Goodkind
Kimberly Guerrero who plays Bernice Blackburn
Lewis Fitz-Gerald who plays Dr. Ted Wolchak
Johnny Berchtold who plays Quinn
Victoria Moroles who plays Marisol Nunez (season 2)
Ben Folds who plays himself (season 2)
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