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Comedy, Drama
  • Seasons

  • Tv Network

    TV Land, Hulu, Paramount+
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Younger, an American comedy-drama series made for TV Land by Darren Star, aired for the first time March 31, 2015. For its seventh season, it now is aired on Paramount+ and Hulu. After the premiere, the show renewed for a second season on April 21, 2015. The second season premiered on January 13, 2016. it ended up renewing for a few more seasons when ultimately they renewed for a seventh and final season on July 24, 2019. The last season premiered on Hulu and Paramount+ on April 15, 2021.

Younger follows the life of Liza Miller who lives in New York City, is a divorced woman in her 40s, with a teenage daughter, all amongst having a failed marriage because of her ex’s gambling addiction. They both live in New York City. Liza ends up meeting a 20-something-year-old named Josh who thinks she’s his age and is in her 20s. She ends up coming up with a plan to pass herself off as a woman in her 20s so she doesn’t have to deal with the harsh stereotypes of being an older age in New York City. She does this so she doesn’t fall under discrimination when applying for a marketing job. Her plan works, and she ends up becoming the assistant to the head of marketing at a big company.

Since releasing Younger, it has received really positive reviews all around. Critics said that it is quite refreshing to have a series that’s based in New York, be about books and publishing, rather than fashion like many shows based in New York are about. Other critics say it is overall an extremely well-made series and that it has an amazing cast and plot. It is extremely relatable in the sense that aging makes it harder to start a new career. And this series does a great job at showing that.

  • Season One

    S1 E1 · Pilot
    S1 E2 · Liza Sows Her Oates
    S1 E3 · IRL
    S1 E4 · The Exes
    S1 E5 · Girl Code
    S1 E6 · Shedonism
    S1 E7 · Broke and Panty-less
    S1 E8 · Sk8
    S1 E9 · I’m With Stupid
    S1 E10 · The Boy With the Dragon Tattoo
    S1 E11 · Hot Mitzvah
    S1 E12 · The Old Ma’am and the C
  • Season Two

    S2 E1 · Tattoo You
    S2 E2 · The Mao Function
    S2 E3 · Like a Boss
    S2 E4 · The Jade Crusade
    S2 E5 · Jersey, Sure
    S2 E6 · Un-Jaded
    S2 E7 · Into the Woods & Out of the Woods
    S2 E8 · Beyond Therapy
    S2 E9 · The Good Shepherd
    S2 E10 · Bad Romance
    S2 E11 · Secrets & Liza
    S2 E12 · No Weddings & a Funeral
  • Season Three

    S3 E1 · A Kiss is Just a Kiss
    S3 E2 · The Marshmallow Experiment
    S3 E3 · Last Days of Books
    S3 E4 · A Night at the Opera
    S3 E5 · P is for Pancake
    S3 E6 · Me, Myself, and O
    S3 E7 · Ladies Who Lust
    S3 E8 · What’s Up, Dock?
    S3 E9 · Summer Friday
    S3 E10 · Pigeons, Parrots, and Storks
    S3 E11 · A Book Fair to Remember
    S3 E12 · Get Real
  • Season Four

    S4 E1 · Post Truth
    S4 E2 · Gettin’ Hygge With It
    S4 E3 · Forged in Fire
    S4 E4 · In The Pink
    S4 E5 · The Gift of The Maggie
    S4 E6 · A Close Shave
    S4 E7 · Fever Pitch
    S4 E8 · The Gelato and the Pube
    S4 E9 · The Incident at Pound Ridge
    S4 E10 · A Novel Marriage
    S4 E11 · It’s Love, Actually
    S4 E12 · Irish Goodbye
  • Season Five

    S5 E1 · #LizaToo
    S5 E2 · A Titanic Problem
    S5 E3 · The End of the Tour
    S5 E4 · The Talented Mr. Ridley
    S5 E5 · Big Little Liza
    S5 E6 · Sex, Liza and Rock & Roll
    S5 E7 · A Christmas Miracle
    S5 E8 · The Bubble
    S5 E9 · Honk if You’re Horny
    S5 E10 · Girls on the Side
    S5 E11 · Fraudlein
    S5 E12 · Lizability
  • Season Six

    S6 E1 · Big Day
    S6 E2 · Flush with Love
    S6 E3 · The Unusual Suspect
    S6 E4 · An Inside Glob
    S6 E5 · Stiff Competition
    S6 E6 · Merger, She Wrote
    S6 E7 · Friends with Benefits
    S6 E8 · The Debu-taunt
    S6 E9 · Millennial’s Next Top Model
    S6 E10 · It’s All About The Money, Honey
    S6 E11 · Holding Out for a SHero
    S6 E12 · Forever
  • Season Seven

    S7 E1 · A Decent Proposal
    S7 E2 · It’s the End of the World, Worm Girl
    S7 E3 · FKA Millennial
    S7 E4 · Risky Business
    S7 E5 · The Last Unicorn
    S7 E6 · The F Word
    S7 E7 · The Son Also Rises
    S7 E8 · The Baroness
    S7 E9 · Fallout
    S7 E10 · Inku-baited
    S7 E11 · Make No Mustique
    S7 E12 · Older

Rotten Tomatoes gives the first season an approval rating of 97% based on 37 reviews, and an average rating of 7.6/10. Metacritic gives the first season a weighted average score of 75 out of 100, based on 20 critics.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the second season has an approval rating of 100% based on 8 reviews, and an average rating of 7.1/10.[85] Metacritic gave the season a score of 74 out of 100, based on reviews from 4 critics.


Sutton Foster as Liza Miller

Debi Mazar as Maggie Amato

Miriam Shor as Diana Trout

Nico Tortorella as Josh

Hilary Duff as Kelsey Peters

Molly Bernard as Lauren Heller

Peter Hermann as Charles Brooks

Charles Michael Davis as Zane Anders


Dan Amboyer as Thad and Chad Weber

Tessa Albertson as Caitlin Miller

Thorbjørn Harr as Anton Björnberg

Paul Fitzgerald as David Taylor

Jon Gabrus as Gabe

Kathy Najimy as Denise Heller

Michael Urie as Redmond

Noah Robbins as Bryce Reiger

Ben Rappaport as Max Horowitz

Mather Zickel as Dr. Richard Caldwell

Meredith Hagner as Montana Goldberg / Amy

Aasif Mandvi as Jay Malic

Burke Moses as Lachlan Flynn

Jennifer Westfeldt as Pauline Turner-Brooks

Chris Tardio as Enzo

Phoebe Dynevor as Clare

Laura Benanti as Quinn Tyler

Janeane Garofalo as Cass Dekenessey


Martha Plimpton as Cheryl Sussman

Richard Masur as Edward L.L. Moore

Camryn Manheim as Dr. Jane Wray

Lois Smith as Belinda Lacroix

Jesse James Keitel as Tam

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