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Danielle Cohn

Tik Toker

Danielle Cohn

Tik Toker
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    Florida, US
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Danielle Cohn

Danielle Cohn was born on March 7, 2004, which makes her currently the age of 18. Danielle Cohn and her family have actually never truly confirmed her true age or birthday, leaving a lot of people questioning her true age. Her dad called her out publicly stating that she wasn't the age she claimed she was. Danielle was born in Florida and lived there most of her life until her career started taking off. When she started gaining some fame she ultimately moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue her career in social media. Though in recent months she has moved back to South Tampa, Florida. Danielle Cohn is a American singer and social media star and grew up in a Christian household her whole life. Danielle actually completed her high school career at an online school in Florida, where she finished out her school career. She is not planning on pursuing a higher education. Cohn got her rise to fame in 2016 on a social media platform called She gained fame from lip-syncing videos that ended up going viral. Eventually shut down and turned into the very well-known app called TikTok, where she continued to grow. She is currently still a social media star and is focusing more on a music career. Danielle Cohn has been in a relationship with fellow social media star Mason Patterson since 2021. Danielle and mason are still very much going strong. The couple currently lives together in a house located in South Tampa, Florida that they just moved into in recent months. Danielle Cohn's mom who's name is Jennifer Archambault currently helps Danielle Cohn with her social media career and has ever since she started. Her dad Dustin Cohn hasn't really been in the picture her whole life and doesn't have a social media presence.

Danielle Cohn who was born on March 7, 2004, grew up living a pretty normal childhood in Florida. In Florida, she attended an online school which is where he completed all of her schooling. In 2016 she started getting a social media following.

While competing in beauty pageants, Cohn also started modeling for some very well-known brands. The modeling agencies and brands she started working with are BMG modeling agency, Juicy Couture and Lisa B Jewelry. After winning one of her pageants and from her lip-syncing videos, she started gaining a huge following. She gained 2.4 million fans within months. After she gained a big social media. following, she started to pursue her singing career and since has released a few singles such as “Do it Better”.

Danielle’s managers are her mother and Michelle Parimore.

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